At-Home Manicure Set

This set contains everything you need to create strong healthy nails at home.  What’s inside the box:-


Manicure wood sticks x5

White 240 grit buffing block

Rhi Rhi Nails It Crystal Nail file

Black stainless steel small finger nail clipper

OPI Natural Nail Strengthener

Rhi Rhi Nails It Cuticle Oil

The Healthy Nail Manicure Set.


Transform your nails with a salon-quality experience right at home! An at-home manicure allows you to pamper yourself and achieve stunning nails without leaving the comfort of your space.  Start by shaping your nails to perfection, gently pushing back cuticles with a manicure wood stick and cleaning under the nails.  Always finish with cuticle oil for the full salon experience.  With the right tools you can enjoy beautifully manicure nails anytime you desire, all while saving time and money.  Embrace the art of self-care and discover the joy of DIY manicure at home!


Rhi Rhi Nails It Cuticle Oil Information

The amazing 100% naturally occurring fruit and vegetable oils are blended to make a clean, simple and gentle cuticle oil.  It is free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives.  Manufactured in the UK by a qualified Nail Professional with close to 10 years of hands on nail experience.


Rhi Rhi Nails It Crystal Nail File Information

You can now experience smooth, snag-free filing that helps prevent chipping and splitting.  Say goodbye to traditional emery boards and hello to durable, hygienic, and eco-friendly solution for beautiful nails.


240 grit buffing block

Unlock the secret to salon-quality nails at home with our 240 grit buffing block.  Designed for professional-level nail care, these blocks gently smooth and refine the nail surface, creating the perfect canvas for your favourite nail polish or nail art.  Say goodbye to ridges and imperfections, and hello to a flawless, long-lasting manicure.


OPI natural nail strengthener

Infused with vitamins A and E, Natural Nail Strengthener delivers stronger nails and helps prevent discolouration. Wear it alone or use it as a base coat under colour to add muscle to your mani.  A 9-free vegan formula with no animal-derived ingredients or by-products. – Apply 2 coats before colour as a base coat, or 2 coats on bare nails followed by an additional coat daily as a strengthener.


Stainless steel nail clippers

Famed for their durability and resistance to corrosion, easy to clean and maintain.  With sharp cutting edges making clean and precise cuts reducing the risk of splitting or uneven edges.  Ergonomic handles for comfortable and easy use, reducing hand strain.


Rhi Rhi Nails It supports the Guild’s Green Salon Scheme. Our pledge is to reduce the environmental impact of our business and continually improve our environmental performance.  With this pledge in mind all Rhi Rhi Nails It retail items have minimal outer packaging.


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