Treatment Price List

Welcome to our comprehensive price list. Here at Rhi Rhi Nails It we strive to provide transparent and competitive pricing for all our treatments. You are able to choose from a wide range of nail services, including spa manicures, pedicures, nail art and more. Rhi Rhi Nails It only use premium-quality products to ensure long-lasting results as well as prioritising hygiene and safety in all our procedures.

Manicure Treatments

Mini treatments

Mini manicure with CND Shellac gel polish – £25.00

CND Shellac gel polish

The most asked for treatment at Rhi Rhi Nails It is the mini manicure with gel polish. Consequently, this is treatment offers the chance to prevent issues like breakage and assist with nail growth.

Rhi Rhi Nails It uses CND Shellac for gel polish treatments because NOTHING BEATS, THE ORIGINAL, CND™ SHELLAC™ Brand 14+ Day Nail Colour system features a Base Coat, Colour Coat and Top Coat — and the exclusive CND™ LED Lamp. 2x faster removal with no nail damage with over 180 colours to choose from.

Spa treatments

Spa manicure with CND Shellac gel polish – £35.00

The history of the manicure dates back over 5,000 years originating in Babylonia. Along with many other Ancient civilizations such as Egypt and China who encompassed nail care as symbol of social status.

What is a spa manicure? This premium CND Pro Skincare spa manicure helps strengthen the skin’s natural defences. Using a prebiotic complex of scrubs, activators and lotions we can reinforce the skins protective barrier with food for the good bacteria. In turn, creating skin that looks healthier, smoother and more supple. Also suitable for sensitive skin.

Mini manicure treatments

Mini manicure with OPI nail polish – £15.00

OPI Lacquer nail polish

Regular manicures can also improve nail health, preventing issues like hangnails and fungal infections. Additionally, the relaxation associated with manicures can contribute to overall well-being.

Rhi Rhi Nails It polish manicures consist of OPI Nail Lacquer which is the #1 salon brand worldwide. Up to 7 Days of wear with rich and vibrant Colours. Importantly, the brand is committed to providing unlimited shades and the highest quality products, artistry, and technique.

Polish treatments

Spa manicure with OPI nail polish – £25.00

A manicure can offer both aesthetic and health benefits. They enhance the appearance of nails, cuticles and hands which in terms promotes an all round well groomed looked. In the 19th century, the invention of the emery board and advancements in nail polish marked key developments in the modern manicure we know today.

Nail art

Nail art

Nail art – £1.00 per nail

Rhi Rhi Nails It uses Lecente glitters which are 100% pure and contain just glitter, no other nasties! All of the nail art brushes are now synthetic in addition to the plastic glitter jars being recyclable.

To check out some designs using these stunning glitters check out the photo gallery page for all your glitter sparkles.

Pedicure Treatments

Mini pedicure treatments

Mini pedicure with CND Shellac gel polish – £30.00

Proper foot care through pedicures is essential for maintaining healthy and aesthetically pleasing feet.

In southern Babylonia, noblemen used solid gold tools to give themselves manicures and pedicures. Additionally, in ancient Egypt, both men and women practiced foot care for hygiene and cosmetic purposes.

Shellac spa treatments

Spa pedicure with CND Shellac gel polish – £50.00

Rhi Rhi Nails It uses Footlogix as it is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line, offering innovative foot care products, that provide effective and transformational results to the skin and nails of the feet. Footlogix® products empower the industry to offer the highest level of service and are trusted by millions of feet in over 70 countries.

Above all, pedicures can provide a relaxing experience, reducing stress and promoting general well-being.

Mini pedicure treatments

The word “pedicure” hails from Latin: “pedis” translates into feet, and “cura” translates into care.

On average, toenails tend to grow at a rate of approximately 1.62 millimeters per month, as a result, it can take six months to a year for a toenail to fully regrown if its lost or removed! In general, toenails grow more slowly than fingers nails

Spa pedicure treatments

Spa pedicure with OPI nail polish – £30.00

Pedicures offer several benefits, Firstly, they promote foot hygiene by addressing issues like calluses, dry skin and secondly, they can prevent ingrown toenails. Regular pedicures can prevent fungal infections and impose overall nail healthy. The exfoliation and moisturising during the process contribute to softer smoother feet.

A spa pedicure consists of foot soak with bubbles, meticulous cuticle work, nail cut and file, callus removal, scrub, lotion massage finishing off with an oil massage before polish.