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Indulge in the ultimate nail treatment experience by a skilled nail technician, dedicated to pampering your hands and feet. Subsequently, leaving you with perfectly manicured nails and smooth, soft skin. Relax in Rhi Rhi Nails It serene and comfortable salon environment while we work the magic on your nails. Treat yourself to the care and attention you deserve – book your appointment today for a nail treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed and fabulous!


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Our nail appointments offer a world of creativity and self-care, from elegant manicures to vibrant nail art. Please note Rhi Rhi Nails It is a natural nail specialist there are no extensions here. Specifically, all images are real nail growth, come and discover the beauty of natural nails. Embrace their strength, flexibility and healthy appearance. Natural nails are low-maintenance allowing you to experience their elegance and simplicity. A timeless choice providing you unquestionably effortless beauty.


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Firstly, not sure what nails you want? How about checking out our Treatment Price List page for everything Rhi Rhi Nails It offers.


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Lastly, don’t live near Rhi Rhi Nails It? In addition to hands on treatments, how about a home manicure kit? Experience luxury at your fingertips with our do it yourself at-home manicures. Ensuring top quality nail care and stunning designs in the comfort of your own home. Check out our Etsy shop for all your DIY nail needs, treat yourself to convenience and beauty.