Professional Beauty

Professional Beauty brings together key brands for professionals to learn, try products and expand their businesses. Not only are they the leader in exhibitions, they also publish the monthly business magazines Pro Beauty. Additionally, they hold an annual award ceremony, a prestigious event titled The Professional Beauty Awards and World Spa & Wellness Awards. 

Professional Beauty London

Firstly, having never been to the Excel Centre before it is a gorgeous setting. Placed next to the docks, airplanes coming in to land over head and the city skyscrapers in the background.

Secondly, the show was well laid out, big, bright and inviting. The stands with must buy purchases this year was the amazing brand Footlogix, check out this blog for more information on what this pedicure range can do. NSI and CND will always need a visit for the exciting show deals.

The nail seminars Rhi Rhi Nails It attended were:-

  1. Sculpting: The basics –
  2. Sculpting: Advanced
  3. Sculpting: Extreme Shapes – Katie Barnes
professional beauty

With the privilege of being the nail model for all three. Having never been a demo hand before there is something extra to learn from it.  The added sense of touch/feel had entered the learning experience. It provides a range of additional knowledge such as:

  • The pressure applied to file nail into shape
  • The strength of the structure
  • The wearability in the real world
  • How hard was the buffer was when taking off the natural shine of the nail
  • The level of movement needed in the hand in order to see the nail from every angle
  • The small amount of product is needed to create all shapes
  • A continued close up view of sidewalls and cuticle area 

professional beauty - Katie Barnes

Pro Beauty North

Comparatively, during the 1st full year of working inside the beauty industry, Rhi Rhi Nails it had no expectation of being invited to Professional Beauty North as a VIP! NSI nails requested attendance as one of the VIP’s.

Travel to Manchester was easy as expected, made friends once getting to Manchester station, even shared a cab over to the venue.

With the buzz and pace of Manchester Central venue there was hope of bargains, new equipment or products to be snatched up in a hurry.

Rhi Rhi Nails It attended one of the seminars, given by a very knowledgable professional named Claire and her Operations Manager of the company Perfect 10. Importantly, focusing on the mobile beauty industry. They had many interesting points to make when it comes to the finer details of a mobile business.

The show provided multiple nail tool stands. In addition to innovative nail art stalls. With the purchase of 2 very hard to come by cuticle pushers and a batch of gold leaf foil. Rhi Rhi Nails It is ready to ace some manicures and dope nail art.

Notably, there are stages with live demonstrations. A talented nail technician displayed Gel V Acrylic. They then went on to win a nail competition.

Finally, watching Denise Write announce the nail competition winners. Denise was one to the trainers on Rhi Rhi Nails It 1st nail courses for Essential Nails.


In conclusion, from the 1st beauty exhibition, key points were to come with a shopping list.

Additionally both visits provided an excellent day of nail learning from leading brands and professionals.

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