Don’t forget about nail polish

With the meteoric rise of gel polish, let us not forget about nail polish.

Fresh from a shopping trip at Salon Services, returning with a large batch of OPI polishes. So why fire up the computer looking for more colours to purchase?

Even though we usually have 10 finger nails, 10 colours in your polish collection seems like a poor show. What is it that makes us want so many different colour nail polishes?

nail polish

I would hate to think that it’s as simple as being addicted to shiny things. But yet something about the word “shiny” rings quite true. The shiny bottles, filled with all the colours of the rainbow. Additionally, you throw in an array of top coat finishes from glittery, shimmery, gloss and the new hot ticket matte!

Why nail polish

Nail polish provides a versatility that is still needed in our nail care. Mainly because, it does not need a professional to purchase or apply. Subsequently, allowing you to remove and change colour at the drop of a hat. Im sure all the outfits in your wardrobe would thank you.

Let’s not forget the less obvious reasons, like the competitiveness of wanting to have the complete colour collection. Like the sticker books of the 90’s.

The neatness of the bottle neck with no polish spills.

The fullness of the product inside – unsued.

Imagination running wild about how amazing the nails will look with this new colour.

Who will see them, the comments received, the experiences, the places, the new people all lead from this amazing nail colour.

The excitement sends positive vibes through the brain.

nail polish

Competition win

My favourite form of social media, Instagram, has proved that it really is the best thing ever! The Beauty Guild ran a competition asking the normal routine of liking their picture and then commenting underneath. The winnings prize was the entire Venice OPI Collection. The request was comment your favourite colour from the new collection. Rhi Rhi Nails It chose the nude which was “A Great Opera-tunity” because nude nails it life. A week later, boom! You are the winner.

I respect the Guilds highly and OPI is the only nail polish I use on my clients, so the 2 companies combined is a hugely positive collaboration in which I was ecstatic to be a part of. Check out some of the nails produced with these gorgeous products.

Plus we all know I have a nail polish addiction so this 12 bottle haul is perfect.

In conclusion, don’t forget about nail polish.