Nail experiment

As a nail experiment, I decided to go on holiday without my nails painted. The weather was predicted to reach 32 degrees!

Firstly, every nail professional is aware that summer time = busy time. Brits flock to hotter places with coral coloured finger nails. Toes that have been kept secret all year get a little air time, in order to navigating exotic sands. With this in mind, it’s a standard procedure to undergo a mani / pedi. But we have all heard the sun is great for hair and nails.

A clinical study explained a large portion of the world is deficient in vitamin d. Vitamin D itself can assist your body in the increased absorption of calcium, and aid in heart, brain and immune function. All things that will increase hair and nail health and growth. Of upmost importance, when gaining this Vitamin d via the sun, SPF protection is a MUST!

I am of mixed ethnicity and my skin can tan extremely well due to the melanin in my skin. Melanin blocks UVB rays which inevitably means I would require more sun exposure to produce the adequate amounts of vitamin D in comparison.

To start the nail experiment, addressing the slightly unkempt nails was step 1. I performed a luxury manicure to get them into TLC receiving mode and I performed the exact same manicure on return.

nail experiment


Lastly, did my nails come home in a better condition they went?


Would I do it again?


My nails looked pink, shiny with a very attractive healthy glow. But it was no fun sitting around a pool surrounded by brightly coloured toe nails. I then looked down and my …. well…. feet!

Power to the beach ready mani / pedi. With that in mind check out all the sensible people who did get holiday ready.

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