What is IBX I hear you ask.

IBX is a product that penetrates the upper layers of the nail plate. Working inside the nail, filling up the empty spaces and is not attached to the keratin. Equally important, their Boost is a soak-off product. Meaning it can be combined with your chosen gel polish system. Which in turn, means it will remove from the nail in the same way, with no damage.    

Firstly, Linda Nordstrom who is the Co-Founder of Famous Names was the course facilitator, she was fabulous! The training was fun and interactive.

  • Monomer is the match and Oligomers is the lighter
  • The IBX boost system is extremely similar to a product discontinued called CND Brisa Lite. One of the founders of IBX was also an original family member from the company CND. 
  • Exother i.e. heat spike, is not a common factor. IBX does contain monomers but, they are different from extension products
IBX products

Secondly, from the product range available there is IBX Repair , IBX Strengthen , IBX base coat , IBX Boost and IBX high shine top coat.  Rhi Rhi Nails it chose IBX Strengthen, Base coat, Boost and also a heat lamp.

I’s time for the manicure talk.  The nails were not in bad condition but they were in need of some TLC. The cuticles needed tending to and moisture was lacking. 

IBX Strengthen

The consistency was so much thicker than anticipated, a watery product was my instinctual expectation. The product was like that of a very thin base gel. If not applied skilfully the product will flood the side walls. Note to self instructions state, only blot if needed!

IBX Base coat

The base coat was not too thick.   Allowing for a smooth application.

IBX Boost

This was incredibly thick, I believe you could have turned it upside down on top of your head and would be safe! This type of gel requires a skilled application.  It will only go where you put it, it will not swill around the nail freely as a result it will indent if you press your brush too hard.  It would be easier to apply by a gel technician due to their experience in tickling various types of gel products into position.


The test subject is very hard on the nails, quite rough handed with an oily nail bed. In addition to being extremely clumsy. 

Officially after 2 weeks of Strength and Boost on the nails:-

  • Yes, the product is still attached to the nail
  • The nails look pink an healthy at the nail bed
  • The nails are white and long at the free edge
  • There is a grow out at the base of the nail

In conclusion, even with a base and gel layer there is zero thickness, with a pure natural look.  If matte top coat was applied a natural nail look would have gone one step further.  This should be a continuous product for nail care. It’s strong and health promoting which is what we need from a nail product. 

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