Beauty Pro Collagen infused gloves and booties

beauty pro gloves

The Beauty Pro brand have created an exciting collagen infused gloves and booties product with removable toe/finger tip. A hydrating and nourishing treatment, infused with marine collagen and fruit extracts. The packet is a 1 pair single use product. Naturally, it is suitable for all skin types.

Firstly, we will talk about the “anti-ageing’ formula of collagen which has been used to treat wounds for 2000 years. The name collagen comes from the Greek meaning glue or the fountain of youth. As a result it can be purchased in sachets, chewy sweets, creamer, capsules and now gloves and booties.

Beauty Pro Collagen infused Gloves

The older we get the less collagen our body produces and it is a lower quality collagen at that. We manage to maintain youthful facial complexions due to various luxuries like clean water consumption, minimal UV exposure and face products that in turn contain forms of collagen. 

On the other hand, (see what I did there) hands are left taking the brunt. Winter dryness will encourage the skin on our hands to loose elasticity and becoming dryer every year.  This year in particular with a worldwide pandemic and hand washing being imperative for our safety.

Additionally, I’ve had many conversations with women who claim their hands give their age away. Consequently, there are cosmetic procedures with injectable fillers to provide the hands with a more youthful look.  As a needle hater I think we should try the Beauty Pro gloves 1st.

beauty pro gloves

Who is this product for? / What problem does this solution fix? / Pro’s and Con’s / Summary

The gloves have removable fingers so manicures can continue whilst the skin takes on the gorgeous product. The instructions states that 20 minutes is long enough. 

So how to navigate with a polish application? It is extremely hard to walk in thin air with no obstructions around to not smudge a polish manicure. We should not get wild and take gloves off! So in terms of polish application I would only apply this while the manicure part is taking place.

Cons list :- 
  • The product inside the gloves is a gel like consistency. The feel is slightly cold and will benefit from a palm to palm rub to warm it up before application.
  • The gloves are one size fits all. Us little handed folks and the bigger handed folks may not love the fit. 
  • Additionally, it is an open, loose glove at the wrist. I think a wrap/band around the area would trap all the goodness into the hand. 

Pros list :-  
  • The fruit extract smell is absolutely gorgeous. After I wore the gloves my hands felt extremely soft, moisturised and the skin felt plump!
  • Lastly, there was product left on the skin after removal. To maximise the hydration rub into the skin.

Beauty Pro Collagen infused Booties

Furthermore, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the main component in various connective tissues and joints.  This is amazing news as the plantar fascia runs from the heel, to the ball of your foot. It is one of the strongest connecting tissues in the body. Unfortunately, it breaks down faster than it can replenish as we age.  Creating problems like arthritis, with 26 bones in the foot I think this product is a good match. 

This product has peppermint incorporated.  Peppermint is good for foot care, with its cooling properties to ease muscle pain, which is helpful for hardworking feet. In addition, to the antimicrobial properties to assist with itching. There has been studies for the use of peppermint oil in bacterial and fungal infections, making it one of the best features for foot care.

beauty pro booties

Who is this product for? / What problem does this solution fix? / Pro’s and Con’s / Summary

With sandal season in the UK getting longer and longer global warming – stay woke! With the warm weather starting around April until potentially September, we need to work on our feet more than ever!! 

Cons list :- 
  • I think the reality is the liquid inside this bootie is cold and wet! Feet don’t like that feeling, warming up the booties within your hand is a must!

Pros list :-
  • Sizing is generous.
  • Soft supple foot skin with visible increased moisture levels.
  • The smell was gorgeous much appreciated, we know how easy it is for feet to work up a stink!
  • I felt indulged and pampered. Subsequently, sitting still for 20 minutes gave an added level of relaxation.  Treatments such as these can give us a special few moments to sit still, breath and be present. 

Lastly, do I recommend this to you and would I use it again?  The answer is 100% yes, unquestionably. Rhi Rhi Nails It treatment list has been updated with the new additions. Next time you need a little something special, consider this add on. 

In fact, it is tried, tested and recommended.