Nail Themed Word Search Booklet – Level 1


This batch of Word Searches are an easy level. There are 5 fun Word Searches in one booklet. Downloadable in PDF format.



The 1st word search was officially documented to have been in 1968, now common in newspapers and magazines. Here in 2021 there is no need for trees and paper and ink, just a screen, and a finger.

Life is one big puzzle, with no answers and no guidelines the therapeutic factors of completing a word search puzzle creates a sense of satisfaction and a search for the next one. That said the Rhi Rhi Nails It word searches are created with fun in mind. Engaging your mind to material and words that nail professionals use every day.

Studies have shown that a word search puzzle can help improve your memory, focus, vocabulary, and overall mental ability. They stretch one very specific piece of cognition which is the ability to have fluency. Word searches are known vocabulary builders along with expanding your spelling skills.