The end of 2020

Am I glad to see this year end?

Unfortunately the answer is yes.

Working this year has been the most challenging of my nail career. I’ve contemplating quitting and going back to my boring office life. I’ve contemplating only doing nails from home and not mobile, or only doing mobile and not at home…. you can see the spiral of thoughts here. Thinking any of those options are non-existent when there is no COVID-19 fog.

Am I safe?

Safety is at the top of every humans list of importance right now with this virus ravishing our lives. The safety I provide as a nail professional has got to be the best I can do. We are in a world where we fear a virus, we fear the loss of our jobs, we mourn a life before, that we called “normal” we fear a world with no vaccine along with the fear of the vaccine itself.

With all these life changing things in place, is having glittery nails at the top of everyone’s list? No! As a Nail Professional, but human being 1st, I understand this fully. Searching for a small piece of happiness in a 1-hour gossip and pamper is completely understandable but with that in mind, those of you that do want that service, as a Professional who is Safe, I need to look after you and your family the best I know how. With education / knowledge and action.

Am I a Professional?

The time I have had available to me this year has been invested in education. In total I’ve completed 14 certificated nail related courses. Ensuring I’m pushing forward the only way I know how, by continued learning, expanding my knowledge base, bringing that joy to clients with a little nail colour, glitter and a good gossip. It means just as much to me as it does to you.

The latest course in my 2020 knowledge repertoire is a really important course by the Beauty Guilds titled Professional Standards for Therapist.

Keeping my professional knowledge at the sharp edge ensuring you always get the best service and information available is my commitment to the job and you. As of right now your Nail Professional Rhiannon Johnson-Smith MGNT is:-

  • A member of the Guild of Nail Technicians
  • A member of The British Beauty Council
  • and soon to be A Member of the Federation Nail Professionals (a newly founded initiative run by the world renown nail professional Marianne Newman – you may remember I trained with her on the Nails: Mastered course)

It won’t stop there ladies! The course up next will be The Green Salon Scheme to ensure I’m looking after the planet as well as taking over the world 😉

Positivity is in my nature so I will keep my head up and look for a brighter day in 2021.

Light Elegance JimmyGel Builder in a Bottle

Let me just start off with this statement…. JimmyGel I the shiniest gel I’ve ever had on my nails.

Im also going to confess that in my excitement I did not do the Jimmy Shimmy on the 1st thumb. I’ll break that down for you later.

So I attended some more amazing training! This one was distributed by Sweet Squared in connection with the brand Light Elegance for a product called JimmyGel. JimmyGel is a builder gel in a bottle. This is an innovative product due to builder gels normally being in a small tub which you apply to the nail with a professional nail brush.

1st question I hear you say…

Who is Light Elegance? Light Elegance founders are Jim and Lezlie McConnell the company was started 20 years ago (veterans in the nail product game). Their products are cruelty free, 9 free, hypoallergenic and HEMA free. Light Elegance’s quality control is meticulous along with their research and development. They have a great company with really good values but are not as well known as many other big name brands.

2nd question I hear you say…

What is builder in a bottle? It is very basically a gel product you can use to create an extension or nail shape all from one bottle. There has been a few builder in a bottles on the market and I have looked into them many times before. I am well trained in nail enhancements options such as soft gel, hard gel or liquid and powder. So this is a sensible product and skill to add to my repertoire.

The trainer for this Light Elegance course was non other than Jeni Smith who I trained with for my CND Shellac certificate and the CND Brisa Lite. This was at her salon in Peterborough Salottinos. Jeni is a multi award winning education ambassador and I am very familiar with her teaching style so the course was as expected, extremely informative and flowed well.

This was a product that I didn’t have before the course but I did purchase it after. I was completely convinced it was something that would do well with the services I offer. When it arrived I gave myself a lovely manicure because it would be rude not to 😉

The Light Elegance Manicure

Tack – Tack is described as double sided sticky tape in which to adhere the Light Elegance products to the nail. I will agree, its basically double sided sticky tape. Ive never used anything as tacky! (see what I did there) It’s a great product, it gave me complete confidence that the gel was going to hold to my nail for a considerable amount of time. This is the evolution of nail product chemistry. In a past life this would be the point where a nail file would be used to rough up the surface in order to get this level of adhesion. We now have access to a wide range of acid free primers to keep the natural nails integrity ensuring minimal damage.

JimmyGel – 1st impression was how thick the gel is but no where as runny as I assumed. Now in comparison it is perfectly in the middle of a gel that would be in a bottle and a gel that would come from a tub. It is very very well made! The Jimmy Shimmy is a movement you make on the 1st layer onto the nail. You place the brush down and push gently back and fourth pressing the product into the Tack. Creating an interlocking bond, ensuring longevity of the overlay or extension.


I applied JimmyGel as an overlay, my nails are on a really good, strong growing vibe at the minute so an overlay is all I needed. It worked a treat! My nails look nice and healthy and as you know that makes me very happy.

Im happy with the training and the purchase. It isn’t something I will be using of every single client. The product is quite thick so it should last quite a long time. Happy nail building 🙂

IBX and IBX Boost Training / Products

This training is one of the pre booked course I had with Louella Belle before Covid-19 took over our lives. The course was upgraded to a webinar after face to face activities were cancelled. Just have to say it was fun and interactive, Linda Nordstrom who is the Co-Founder of Famous Names took the course and she was fabulous!

IBX is a product the penetrates the upper layers of the nail plate, IBX works inside the nail filling up all the empty spaces and is not attached to the keratin. The IBX strength and repair products have the same routine of apply/heat for 2 minutes / 4 minutes respectively (with a 40-70 watt lamp 6-8 inches away)/blot/cure on the colour coat setting/cleanse. IBX Boost is a soak off product so I can combined this treatment with my chosen gel polish system which is CND Shellac. This will all remove from the nail in the same way with the usual…. no damage. Exother i.e. heat spike, is not a common factor with IBX and it does contain monomers but they are different from the products used for extensions. FACT FILE – Monomer is the match and Oligomers is the lighter

The IBX boost system is apparently extremely similar to a product I trained in a few years ago that was discontinued called CND Brisa Lite (see blog). This makes me very happy. I will be purchasing this item as quickly as possible. Having an amazing product like this does not surprise me considering one of the founders of IBX was also an original family member from the company CND.

From the product range available there is IBX Repair , IBX Strengthen , IBX base coat , IBX Boost, IBX high shine top coat. This training was completed in March 2020 and I needed to buy a few items to create the kit before I could show a true before and after for these products. I have chosen to buy – IBX Strenghten, IBX Base coat, IBX Boost and a heat lamp.

It’s time for the manicure talk. My nails were not in bad condition the pandemic lock down mode has forced me to leave them unattended as I focused on Rhi Rhi Nails It business administration. They were in need of some TLC in terms of the cuticles, moisture was lacking due to the amount of hand washing and alcohol gel used. They were ready for a nice treatment.

What I used and how I used it

IBX Strengthen – The consistency was so much thicker than I had anticipated, I think because the instructions are to apply product and heat under the lamp for 4 minutes a watery product was my instinctual thought but yet the product was like that of a very thin base gel! Application much be technically applied otherwise you will be flooding the side walls. I made a small error in my blotting stage there was some fibres left behind and effected the smooth finish. Note to self instructions state, only blot if needed!

IBX Base coat was not too thick. Allowed a smooth application.

IBX Boost was incredibly thick, I honestly believe I could have turned it upside down on top of my head and would be safe! These types of gels need to be applied with skill. It will only go where you put it, it will not swill around the nail freely, it will indent if you press your brush too hard. I think it would be easier to apply by a gel technician as they are used to tickling various types of gel products to do what they want.

IBX System as a whole – Conclusion

I am very hard on my nails, I’m quite rough with things, I have an oily nail bed and anyone who has ever met me knows I’m extremely clumsy. 2 left hands and 2 left feet so my hands are a good test for products. Even more pressing when Im physically working I am a rebel and did not used to wear gloves for manicure treatments (pre COVID-19) now I know nothing of the feel the skin on someones hands.

I can officially say after 2 weeks with this IBX Strength and IBX Boost on my nails:-

  • The product is still attached
  • My nails look pink an healthy at the nail bed
  • The nails are white and long at the free edge
  • There is a grow out at the base of the nail

Considering I have a treatment, a base and a painted on gel layer there is zero thickness, with a pure natural look. If I applied a matte top coat we would all be none the wiser. I believe I have come to the conclusion that this will be the continuous product for my nail care. Its strong and health promoting which is all I ever wanted from a nail product. For my Brisa light base coat ladies this is an optimal alternative.

Footlogix Training / Products

When I visited Professional Beauty last year (see blog) I hunted down the Footlogix stand to get 2 specific items. Which in true virgo style I had researched to within an inch of their lives and had to go on my shopping list. The items were Footlogix Seaweed Foot Scrub and Footlogix Callus Softener both from the professional range. Footlogix caught my eye early on for the sheer fact its not marketed in a “beauty” way. Its impression on me was the products they sell are there to end some of the struggles clients may be having with their feet.

Before the global pandemic of Covid-19 kicked off I had booked myself onto a few training sessions to take place on the same weekend as this years Professional Beauty Show at the Excel which was cancelled and transformed into an emergency hospital of 4,000 beds VERY SCARY! The training sessions were for Footlogix and Famous Names IBX (keep your eyes peeled for IBX Blog coming soon). I wanted this 1st class training to make sure I’m getting the maximum from these product. We then went into lock down but the very innovative Loubelle arranged for the training to be done via Webinar, genius! So cuppa tea, comfy clothes, pen and pad…… let’s do this. I have now been trained on product knowledge for the whole range, I am a very happy Nail Tech.

Heres what I know now that I didn’t know then… FACT FILE

  • 85% of the population have foot related problems
  • There are 250,000 sweat glands in the bottom of your feet
  • Soldiers in world war 2 were told to pee in their boots to keep from foot problems because of the urea in pee
  • When the skin on the heel becomes so dry that using a rasp to remove it (which normally does the job) creates more and more flaking this means the dry skin has a fungal infection

I have a huge interest in foot health / foot care / foot treatments you name it I’ve looked it up. Footlogix is creating items with active ingredients that are essentially products that work, they do not just sit of the surface of the skin. The active ingredients penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis to alleviate many foot problems. Then educating nail professionals about clients who have existing medical conditions that can still enjoy these treatments like diabetics and pregnant women. We can all buy a foot cream from the supermarket because it smells good and think that’s enough but I love companies who are doing something different from everyone else.

The best way to judge any product is to give it a real go. So that’s what I did. I was suffering with quite a dry heels so it was a really good opportunity to see what magic could be shazamed. Check out my instagram for the before and after.

The product usage

Footlogix Cleansing Wipes – This was a last minutes addition to my kit, with sanitation high on everyones priority list during this pandemic and my new training on product knowledge the wipes were imperative. They are quite thick surprisingly, wonderfully they were not too wet and not too dry. Just enough moisture to wipe over the whole foot with the ability to remove debris while leaving the foot slightly moist. There is also no smell which was quite refreshing to not have a product completely incapacitate my senses with synthetic fragrances. One wipe per foot is the correct practice if you are actually aiming to sanitise appropriately.

Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub – This scrub had a soft, wet, quite loose consistency which I found interesting. So many foot scrubs are thick and gloopy they do not spread around the foot well and you tend to end up using a large amount. This was different it was light and movable, it covered the whole foot area with around about a 2p piece amount of product. There are not as many exfoliating grains as I’m used, in saying that it seems as though we don’t need as many, this product exfoliated the foot perfectly. The smell is strong but really pleasant almost a naturally perfumed vibe.

Footlogix Callus Softener – The star of the show, I was most excited about this because its basically the money shot and it didn’t disappoint,. It is a leave on product with minimal smell and does contain the all important urea. This changed my heels not just that day but for days afterwards I could visibly see and physically feel the difference. LOVE.

Outcome / Conclusions

I am extremely happy with my training and my purchases. I confidently feel that these Footlogix items will transform my pedicures for the better. They will do what I need them to do for my clients who need foot care, foot health and foot beauty. “Does what it says on the tin products”, having these items in my kit are a must!

Nail Art Trends – Marble

Have you noticed everything is marble?

It used to be just kitchen work tops, now its your phone or tablet case and maybe even your water bottle. I’ll have you know I am guilty of having both these items covered in marble. So like everything in life, heres the process for the nail art version!

So what is this thing called marble that we are all so fascinated with. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallised carbonate minerals. i.e. it’s a gift from Mother Nature created inside the ground, on this great place we live call planet earth. As per usual the Greeks and Romans started the trend. They built beautiful structures with this material, some that still stand today with white or off white marble.

For my version I thought it a good idea to try a few styles out. Personally the one I enjoyed doing visually was the emerald green. This green is a visual representation of Swedish green which is a marble from quarries in Kolmården. This is so appealing to me as I am a big fan of any non conventional colours like greens, blues and my favourites orange and yellow.

The fail proof steps

Layer one – I started off using one of the techniques I used in a previous nail art approach of taking the gel colour and adding a little base coat to water the pigment down. This assists with layering.

Layer two – Consisted of the white lines of the marble vibes, these need to be loosened, like a tie at the end of the day. Or in our female world its a top button on the trousers. So to loosen the white lines we use a brush with a little acetone. Just let the acetone go where it goes, don’t do too much let the world create it just like the original marble.

Layer three – Has to be some more of that watered down green straight over the top. It takes away that sharp edge of the white. Just like the tonic we put with our gin.

These layers can continue on an on until you get the look you want. Variations of thin lines, thick lines and acetone amount. Nail decals, glitter and foils will always add a new dimension to these types of nails too if you’re feeling frisky.

This is an extremely cool style of nail, that I enjoyed working on. It has my preferred style of art, loose free flowing, and abstract. I created a pink version as a set of press on nails to place in the shop. Obviously because….. it would be rude not to! Check them out (shop).

Back to work after Covid-19

Its official Rhi Rhi Nails It is back!!!!!!

With an original start date potentially being 4th July, when the Prime Minister stated that date will only be for hairdressers my heart sank. I wanted to start painting gorgeous nails, but I was denied. So with no second date for close range beauty planned, we awaited any news. THEN on Thursday 9th a bombshell! After 15 weeks of Covid-19 ravishing our world, the UK Government decided that it is safe for close range services (but not on the face) to resume with extra precautions.

Getting this date with 3 days notice was a lightning bolt to the system but I’m ready to rock and roll.

I would like to assure you that in those 15 weeks I have worked extremely hard following all the government guidelines for reopening and partaking in all COVID-19 beauty training and webinars available. I want to keep you and everyone you know safe along with me and everyone I know safe.

Here is everything you need to know on a mobile beauty front before we get to the nail dazzle part.

Nail technicians are to:

~  Wash hands between every client treatment.

~ Will no longer be able to take cash payments.

~ Use single-use files, buffers etc. and dispose of these safely.

~  Clean tools to be kept in a clean environment until use.

~ Wear freshly laundered uniforms that have been washed at 60 degrees Celsius.

~ All nail technicians must wear suitable face masks.

~ Clean gloves to be worn for every client and for cleansing afterwards. These should be powder-free nitrile gloves in the case of latex glove sensitivity.

~ All tools to disinfected (strictly following manufacturer instructions) using products that are tested to approved standards.

What you as clients will need to do:

~  Please wash hands with liquid soap and warm water for 20 seconds before we start.

~  Do not touch face or any personal belongings during your treatment.

~ You will have to also wear a disposable mask.

Some of these actions are standard behaviours for nail technicians. But adhering to them with great intensity will benefit the whole world.

Here is my Covid-19 Infection Prevention Policy from the Beauty Guilds Covid-19 Training Course.

Here are the completed risk assessments for treatments that can still be carried out

The treatments that can not be performed are as below

24 hours before your appointment, I will have to ask a series of questions to ensure your’e feeling good and everyone in your house is feeling good. I will always ensure you of the same for myself and my household. I want to give you complete confidence in me as a person and as professional nail technician.

I have to say the biggest thank you to The British Beauty Council. They lobbied so tirelessly for us. They are the reason, that right now we are getting back out there and being able to work. I’m extremely grateful and it will be a whole new world next week but I’m up for the challenge.

I shall see you soon 🙂

Nail Art Trends – Tortoise Shell

This is one of the hottest trends in the nail #tag world. As usual with anything nail art when it looks amazing the assumption is its really easy, reality is, it never is! This trend is no exception.

Tortoise nails has been one of the most challenging nail art trend that I’ve tried. I’ve been attempting on and off for a two week period which has been met with swear words, nail swatches being thrown in the bin, long pauses while rubbing my temple and plenty of coffee.

As most things in life I came to the conclusion it is not meant to be perfect, it is not meant to look like someone else’s, its not meant to be what is expected. It’s meant to be my interpretation. Thats all I can do in this nail world is produce work that is my interpretation because that is where I fit in.

So once I got my head on straight I had a go with a clear mind and boom. Gorgeous. So gorgeous I made a full press on set to sell! Check them out in the shop Tortoise Shell Press On Nails

The process itself consists of layering. All depth whether it is colour or flavour are based on layering.

Foundation layers were with a yellow tone, covered with a slick layer of base coat, where coloured splodges were then applied in autumnal oranges and browns. These colours blur their lines in the wet base coat layer giving that shell like vibe that is whimsical in nature creating intrigue and misunderstanding. The final splodge layers were in black for a real richness. These layers created backgrounds of mysterious views and shapes of an unexplained look.

I can’t say I enjoy interpreting this trend but I grew my skills, every experience creates a knowledge base for life. You may learn you are resilient or that your fingers can hold a brush in a way you never realised. You may impress yourself with how quickly you can apply a coat of colour polish. All valuable life and nail knowledge, my cup will forever be half full.

The style itself is maybe overwhelming to do on all 10 nails but a few nails with this fabulous on trend look will be exciting and fun. Im attaching the option to my nail art swatches, for the girls to have as a nail art choice. Happy choosing people.

Collagen Infused Gloves – Product review

Beauty Pro have created a dual-function hand mask. A hydrating and nourishing hand treatment glove. The packet is a 1 pair single use product. Purchased from beauty wholesaler Salon Services.

The gloves are infused with marine collagen and fruit extracts. The name collagen comes from the Greek meaning glue. It is one of the hottest trends around, collagen can be purchased in sachets, chewy sweets, creamer, capsules and now gloves and booties.

The older we get the less collagen our body produces and a lower quality collagen at that, sounds about right hey? Ive had many conversations with women who claim their hands give their age away. We manage to maintain youthful facial complexions due to various luxuries like clean water consumption, minimal UV exposure and face products that contain a form of collagen. On the other hand (see what I did there) are left taking the brunt of working hard with minimal care, making skin look worn and wrinkled. Ive even heard of a cosmetic procedures in which hands are injected with fillers to give them a more youthful look. As a needle hater I think we should try these gloves 1st.

Winter dryness of the skin on our hands is really difficult to navigate and with skin loosing elasticity and becoming dryer every year, we need assistance! This year in particular with a worldwide pandemic and hand washing being imperative for our safety our hands are officially ruined. This type of treatment is perfection and for every set of hands!

Who is this product for? / What problem does this solution fix? / Pro’s and Con’s / Summary

The gloves have removeable fingers so manicures can continue whilst the skin takes on the gorgeous product. This creates a 30-60 minutes window, the instructions states that 20 minutes is long enough. So in terms of a gel polish manicure this product will only need to be applied to the hand once the potential gel removal and manicure is completed and then placed on the hand for the colour application process.

The same would not apply for a polish application, heres why! Its hard enough to walk in thin air with nothing around you to not smudge a polish manicure lets not get wild and take gloves off! So in terms of polish application I would apply this while the manicure part is taking place.

Cons list :- The product inside the gloves is of a gel consistency, the feel is slightly cold and could possibly benefit from a little palm to palm rub to warm it up 1st. As you can imagine the gloves are made in a one size fits all approach. Us little handed folks and the bigger handed folks may not love the fit. As its an open, loose glove I think a wrap/band (NOT TOO TIGHT) around the wrist area would trap all the goodness into the hand area.

Pros list :- The fruit extract smell is absolutely gorgeous, if that smell was incorporated into a hand cream it would sell well. After I wore the gloves in front of the telly for 20 minutes I can honestly say they felt extremely moisturised. I almost didn’t want to use my hands they felt so soft! The skin felt plump, there was some product left on the skin which I then rubbed in to maximise the goodness. I was convinced and happy to use the product again and even happier to use on all clients.

This treatment is added to the price list so next time you need a manicure fix with a little something special consider this add on. It is tried, tested and recommended by me.

Collagen Infused Bootie – Product Review

Beauty Pro have created an exciting collagen infused bootie product with removable toe tip in which you can also have a matching set for your hands. It is suitable for all skin types with the “anti-ageing’ formula sale point.

Little back story on collagen i.e. fountain of youth and why it’s a selling point for this product. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the main component in various connective tissues. This is amazing news as the plantar fascia which runs from the heel to the ball of your foot is one of the strongest connecting tissues in the body. This amazing collagen ‘stuff” is found in your joints too, unfortunately its breaks down faster than it can replenish as we age. Creating problems like arthritis and with 26 bones in the foot I think this product is a wonderful match.

As with most products that are aimed at the feet, it has peppermint incorporated. Peppermint is an amazing for foot care, it is very cooling which is helpful for hardworking feet. Muscle pain is also known to be eased by peppermint oil along with helping with ailments such as itching. The antimicrobial properties it possesses its one of the best features for foot care. There has been studies for the use of peppermint oil in bacterial and fungal infections. With the addition of the collagen which has been used to treat wounds for 2000 years. Id say all the ingredients are legit.

Treatment time is for 20 minutes which allows this to be added into services as the polish application part for gel but the the pedicure part for polish.

Who is this product for? / What problem does this solution fix? / Pro’s and Con’s / Summary

Sandal season which is the UK is getting longer and longer (global warming – stay woke!) with the warm weather starting around April until potentially September. People that’s most of the year, we need to work on our feet more than ever!! The toll our lives take on our feet is underrated, I recommend all pamper treatments, care products, massages, reflexology, oils and lotions anything and everything that helps those little tootsies.

Cons list :- I think the reality is the liquid inside this bootie is cold and wet! Feet don’t like that feeling, warming up the booties within your hand is a must.

Pros list :- Soft supple foot skin with visible increased moisture levels! I felt indulged and pampered and sitting still for 20 minutes gave an added level of relaxation. Sometimes these treatments give us a special few moments to sit still, breath and be present. The smell was gorgeous much appreciated on the feet as we know how easy it is for them to work up a stink! Sizing is generous so no need to worry about the size of your feet which us ladies tend to think about once your over a size 5 or 6.

Do I recommend this to you, or anyone and would I use it again. The answer is 100% yes. Get involved! Check it out in the shop and on the treatment price list.

Infection Prevention

I started working for the NHS in 2008, after I left the Legal Secretary world. To this day, I still hold a zero hours contract with Children’s Services. As my nail world crashes and burns amid the wrath of Covid-19, I step fully into my assistance roll within the NHS.

Working for the NHS for so many years and having to adhere to the yearly, mandatory training for infection control, I’m fully aware of the severity of infection prevention. The idea that warm water and soap is your real defence. Not to turn the tap off with your clean hands after turning it on with your dirty hands. Do not use hand dryers as they do not come with a box of hot air attached. The air is sucked in from the room, i.e. The Shit Blowers. A lifetime worth of infection control knowledge that I have is then applied to life and nails. But in this time of pandemic, I have been accessing every bit of information I can from the beauty industry to ensure I am keeping you safe, your family, me and my family at all times, not just now.

On my recent training (Barbicide / Footlogix Infection Prevention) I have accumulated a good amount of top up knowledge. Such as – ‘The infection incubation period varies vastly depending on what we’re dealing with, but note the time frame is anything between 6 hours to 10 years!’. Bear that in mind when deciding whether or not you can be bothered to wash your hands. For nail salon set ups there has been cases of MRSA. Which can be transmitted via skin, towels and equipment. Let that sink in as a professional when deciding whether or not you can be bothered to wipe your equipment down.

Micro-organisms were one of the 1st forms of life on this earth. Micro-organisms include, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and Protozoa.

Let’s break them down. Bacteria is not visible to the naked eye and is a living organism, it doubles every 20 minutes at room temperature. Then there’s viruses they need a living host to survive i.e. animals or humans, watch out that means you. The very unsightly Fungi, which is not as dangerous but very visible, we’ve all seen a yellowing toe nail and made the eeewww face. Then there’s the big leagues, Protozoa. Example of this would be, Malaria and Spores like C.Diff! Alllllllll of these not so wonderful things transmit by Agent – Host – Environment.

The agent? – That’s your hands, your nose, your mouth. The host? – That’s the susceptible body the very young or the other end, the very old. Bodies who are a little poorly with a compromised immune system or have pre existing medical conditions. Environment? – The warm hot sweaty gym / the warm hot sweaty spa / tight spaced aeroplane or the busy shopping centre. Its like a little game of jigsaw, take a sneeze from your nose whilst a older human is walking past you in a busy shopping centre = microbe transmission.

With the information broken down in this manner, it makes it clear to see what needs to be done to keep us all safe from nasties. WASH YOUR HANDS.

When to wash your hands and when to use hand sanitiser….. If your hands are soiled, soap, warm water, bubble up and rinse, simple! If there is no water near you sanitiser will suffice UNTIL water is available. It is not instead of for every occasion ONLY when water is not available

What am I doing right now?

Every kit item is being removed and disinfected, that’s bottles, equipment and every single manicure/pedicure tool.

Towels and uniform rewashed at 60 degrees.

Complete new set of nail files.

The kit that I already use behind the scenes and will continue to use behind the scenes because it works!

Manicure and pedicure implements are disinfected in Barbicide.

Foot spa is disinfected with Mundo, along with files that are not single use.

Your hand and foot spray is Skin Truth.

Final note… I used to do extensions when I first started out nailing (not anymore!) and in that old kit I found some face masks, they will be going straight to the nurses at work on Monday! Like Tesco says every little helps.