“Powder” Gel

Informative Post Alert!

Over the past 3 months I have had multiple encounters with clients who either wanted their extensions removed or had an extension removal and then required a manicure treatment.  When questioning them further with regards to what type of extensions they had on, I was shocked to hear very similar stories.

The lovely ladies visited the common high street nail shops and asked for a “gel nail” or “gel extension”.  They were then given a set of extension which was made from powder and was not cured under a UV light.   At the till they were charged the price of a gel extension which is usually slightly more than the standard acrylic extension.  Without even seeing this treatment happen I can assure you they were not gel nails.

A powder based product is an indicator that you are having an set of acrylic nails.  Acrylic nail extensions consist of placing a mixture of a polymer powder and a liquid monomer on the brush which is applied to the natural nail.  It then hardens on the nail surface without the assistance of any other components such as uv lamp.

Gel nails or gel extensions will be applied with a brush with is dipped into a pot / jar of thick, clear, liquid which is applied to the nails and is then placed under a UV lamp to harden.  When the nails are completed a tacky layer will be wiped from the top leaving a smooth, shiny glass like nail (before colour and nail art).

This information is just a guidance with simple tell tale signs of what type to enhancements you are receiving.  Its your hard earned cash make sure your getting what you paid for ;).


Left Hand Drive

Dare I call something an issue…..

I love both my hands the same but like most humans my left hand tends to betray me when it comes to following the directions my brain gives it.  It has been said that I have the patience of a Saint but it seems this only applies when im using my right hand to paint my left.

When you are a Nail Technician having beautiful nails is the best way to advertise your skills.  I have been known to have very short nails with no polish (which is me downplaying the fact my nails were unkept).  I think that my lack of confidence with my left hand painting did deter me,  I am also a perfectionist and would not want to feel embarrassed when my right hand did not look up to scratch, specially since I use that hand so much.  Like everything in life, even when I feel it is an issue/problem I do it anyway so I booked myself in for weekly manicures mainly gel polish due to the consistent use of acetone and polish remover.

Just as expected the 1st few manicures went to plan when painting with my right and then had a flooding of  the cuticle area when moving on to the left.  Strangely enough my main issue was not to go over the side walls, I was able to paint in straight lines ensuring the sides were acceptable but when near the cuticle area I struggled to keep a strong steady hand to get that perfect curve at the base.

Picture attached was manicure 4 and by the fourth week I had enough weekly practice to get 3 out of the 5 nails to my standard of perfection.  My thumb had a left hand side cuticle flood and middle finger had a right hand side cuticle flood, I have an oddly shaped middle finger due to a strange shaped fountain pen I used to write with as a youngster so I can’t blame my hand completely for that imperfect looking nail.

After these manicures and the progress my lovely left hand has made, one thing is apparent…. Practice will always make perfect and it reinforces the belief that I can do anything 🙂

Specialist Art Supplies

Just like my last post this one relates to the purchase of products (embarrassed face) I promise I don’t have a problem.

The world of nail art can be wonderful, although the main problems when getting to the finished product is mess and minimal time wasted.  Every tool that is available helps us in tiny ways and when you combine all the best tools it makes this miniature art composure stuff a piece of cake.

My 2 anticipated purchases where Mess No More and The Ring Thing both are hugely popular in the nail world, could even say famous and so I just HAD to have them.  Their price matches their celebrity status and as they are from the US shipping was pricey for the ring.  With that in mind both of the items had a very speedy delivery which I was very happy with.

On testing out these items for the 1st time I can honestly say The Ring Thing palette is so perfect that im surprised there are not more of these on the market.  All the sections are just the right size, I have a tendency to waste a lot of product when using a normal sized mixing palette so every little helps when it comes to keeping expenses down.  The Mess No More on the other hand does what it says on the tin i.e. peel off product for around the nail area but it smells VERY strong.  It smells so strong that there is a note on the instruction to ignore the smell as it disappears once the liquid had dried.  Even with this small downside it is a very good product.

I am completely happy with both of my specialist items and I can see that they will become permanent fixture in my kit.

Nail Polish Addiction

Its official im a nail polish addict!!

Fresh from a shopping trip at Salon Services I have returned with 5 OPI Polishes.  So why am I firing up the computer to look for more colours to purchase?  Lucky human beings are blessed with a maximum of 10 finger nails but yet 10 colours in your nail polish collection seems like a poor show.  What is it that makes us want so many different colour nail polishes?

I would hate to think that I am simple enough to be addicted to shiny things…….  But yet something about the word “shiny” rings quite true with me.  The shiny bottles filled with all the colours of the rainbow then you throw in the world of top coat finishes from glittery, shimmery, gloss and the new hot ticket matte!  The competitiveness of wanted to have the complete collection like some form of sticker book from the 90’s. The neatness of the bottle neck with no polish spills.  The fullness of the product inside – unsued.

My imagination running wild about how amazing the nails will look with this colour on, who will see them, the comments received, the experiences, the places, the new people all lead from this amazing nail colour.  The excitement sends positive vibes through my brain which I want to feel more of therefore the only logical answer is to…… buy more nail polishes.

Its official im a nail polish addict!!

Building Your Nail Business

I have been doing a large amount of reading over the past few days on big brand nail websites, nail magazines handbooks and a good old fashioned Google search.  After a serious overload early hours this morning, I chose to sleep on it hoping the information that stood out in the morning would be most important.  I dream that my nail empire will always be needed based on the idea that for the foreseeable future humans will have nails.  The thing that may slow down my business will not be the loss of human finger nails but money.  With this in mind the money that I do earn I want to spend wisely to have a long carer, happy life and secure retirement fund.  With these goals in mind I intend to work to my maximum capacity to ensure I achieve this.  Thinking back to my reading the points that stood out to me this morning were:-

Social Media Presence – As we are in a technological era this is one of the most important parts of business now.  I have chosen Instagram and YouTube as my social sites as I want the pictures and videos of my nail work to be the main focus and these two site specialise in each.  In coming weeks I am planning to hugely increase my youtube posts as this is an area which has got left behind in my journey.

Setting Goals – Dreams in your head do not put money in your bank.  I need to put a lot of serious thought into my business goals.  Im a huge list writer and having those goals and aspirations written down will take them from just dreams, to real life targets that I can financially track and put steps in place for me to achieve them.

Advertisement – When it comes to advertisement I was mainly relying on personal referrals, it has got me this far but I want to go further.  In the next week or so I will be doing some more reading on advertisement/promotion options as this is something that will expand my income hugely which will then allow me to put even more back into my business.

With these key points clear in my head ive got my Nail Boss hat on and am extremely motivated.

Watch out – Coming your way

  • My own nails – Showcasing my work on myself
  • Youtube – 5 nail art videos
  • Client Inboxes – Rhi Rhi Nails It quarterly newsletter with exciting updates

Nail Art Competition

My very 1st Nail Art Competition!!! It has been one of the funniest experiences in my nail journey.  The competition I entered was created by Nail Harmony Gelish and Morgan Taylor in connection with the new collection of colours, inspired by the Disney Cinderella movie due to be released in cinemas this week.  The rules consisted of either a 3D or hand painted nail look.

I researched the history of the Cinderella story and was extremely interested in the story’s foundation.  A wonderfully kind girl who is completely overlooked and neglected but achieves success and recognition.  This is the ultimate foundation for a fairy tale but yet it happens to many of us in real life everyday. As a child the film was one of my favourites so this idea of attempting my 1st competition from a film I watched on repeat was perfect.

The design itself was based on one of the colours that is from the collection called “If The Slipper Fits” and so I used my wonderful sculpting gel and started to craft a glass slipper under the UV light.  I then moved on to the nail itself to make a cushion look with tassels, a beaded edge, striping tape and a mixture of polishes. Voila.

Check out my Instagram page to see the competition entry pictures and fingers crossed I win 🙂

The Male Pedicure

Possibly the most unattractive part of a man could be his feet.  They endure trainers, a range of sports activities and sometimes some questionable dance moves.  The pedicure is no longer only for women it is now a staple part of male grooming.  Cutting the nail correctly to ensure comfort in tight footwear is the most important part, then a good portion of time spent removing the cuticle.  All of the male pedicures I have done show that the dead cuticle is very dry and covers around 1/3 of the toe nail.  These 2 steps change the entire look of the foot before you even carry out the rest of the treatment.  I enjoy doing the male pedicure because of the before an after results, its hard work but someones gotta do it.

The Perfect Nail Picture

Of all the client pictures I have taken this one has got to take the winning trophy. The hands are my 16 year old sister, who is suupper kool and trendy. Her hands are decorated with a beautiful henna design, which is the new must have feature to every girls hand. She also chose an OPI Polish colour with a matte top coat. Two of the most photographed things on Instagram nail accounts is matt top coat and henna tattoos. This is defiantly the first time I can say im down with the kids. Whoop whoop!