Don’t forget about nail polish

With the meteoric rise of gel polish, let us not forget about nail polish.

Fresh from a shopping trip at Salon Services, returning with a large batch of OPI polishes. So why fire up the computer looking for more colours to purchase?

Even though we usually have 10 finger nails, 10 colours in your polish collection seems like a poor show. What is it that makes us want so many different colour nail polishes?

nail polish

I would hate to think that it’s as simple as being addicted to shiny things. But yet something about the word “shiny” rings quite true. The shiny bottles, filled with all the colours of the rainbow. Additionally, you throw in an array of top coat finishes from glittery, shimmery, gloss and the new hot ticket matte!

Why nail polish

Nail polish provides a versatility that is still needed in our nail care. Mainly because, it does not need a professional to purchase or apply. Subsequently, allowing you to remove and change colour at the drop of a hat. Im sure all the outfits in your wardrobe would thank you.

Let’s not forget the less obvious reasons, like the competitiveness of wanting to have the complete colour collection. Like the sticker books of the 90’s.

The neatness of the bottle neck with no polish spills.

The fullness of the product inside – unsued.

Imagination running wild about how amazing the nails will look with this new colour.

Who will see them, the comments received, the experiences, the places, the new people all lead from this amazing nail colour.

The excitement sends positive vibes through the brain.

nail polish

Competition win

My favourite form of social media, Instagram, has proved that it really is the best thing ever! The Beauty Guild ran a competition asking the normal routine of liking their picture and then commenting underneath. The winnings prize was the entire Venice OPI Collection. The request was comment your favourite colour from the new collection. Rhi Rhi Nails It chose the nude which was “A Great Opera-tunity” because nude nails it life. A week later, boom! You are the winner.

I respect the Guilds highly and OPI is the only nail polish I use on my clients, so the 2 companies combined is a hugely positive collaboration in which I was ecstatic to be a part of. Check out some of the nails produced with these gorgeous products.

Plus we all know I have a nail polish addiction so this 12 bottle haul is perfect.

In conclusion, don’t forget about nail polish.

Left hand drive

Left hand drive or “how to paint nails with your non dominant hand”

Firstly, I love both my hands the same, however, like 85-90% of humans, my left hand has a tendency to betray me. In particular, when it comes to following directions my brain gives it.

Whats more, it has been said that I have the patience of a Saint. On the contrary, it seems this does not apply to painting the nails on my right hand.

Importantly, when you are a Nail Technician having beautiful nails is the best way to advertise your skills. Known to have very short nails with no polish. In other words, downplaying the fact my nails were unkept. I think that my lack of confidence with my left hand painting did deter me. Ultimately, I am a perfectionist, and would not want to feel embarrassed if my right hand did not look up to scratch. Especially since it is my dominant hand.

Booking a weekly manicure to almost binge practice was the plan. To secure the trust that my manicure skills with my right hand / for clients is top tier please check out the photo gallery for proof.

Non dominant hand practice

Unsurprisingly, the 1st few manicures went to plan… When painting with my right hand! Once moving onto the left hand drive, strangely enough, my main issue was not to go over the side walls. Importantly, I was able to paint in straight lines. But, when near the cuticle area I struggled to keep a strong steady hand. This is the only way to get that perfect curve at the base. What I struggled with the most was flooding of the cuticle area when stroking to the left.

Eventually, after weeks of trying to limit my shortcomings, I had enough weekly practice to produce 3 out of the 5 nails to my standard. My thumb had a left hand side cuticle flood and middle finger had a right hand side cuticle flood.

non dominant hand

Step by Step

How to paint nails with your non dominant hand.

  • Use a solid flat surface
  • Cap the free edge first – just along the edge of the nail to stop chipping
  • Keep hand firmly pressed onto the flat surface – to ensure only movement comes from your fingers making brush strokes
  • Keep fingers holding brush secure but joints loose – this enable a more controlled brush stroke
  • Place brush down onto the nail before the cuticle area
  • Push the polish from the brush back to the cuticle line and then stroke forward – this stops the liquid flooding the area
  • Repeat this until there is colour on all the nail – depending on the brush and or nail shape this could be 1, 2 or 3 stokes
  • Do not drag over colour already laid down
  • Repeat this for each layer – always base 1st, 2 colour coats and top coat last.

Lastly, after these manicures and the progress my left hand has made, one thing is apparent. Practice does always make perfect!

Happy nail painting.

Beauty Pro Collagen infused gloves and booties

beauty pro gloves

The Beauty Pro brand have created an exciting collagen infused gloves and booties product with removable toe/finger tip. A hydrating and nourishing treatment, infused with marine collagen and fruit extracts. The packet is a 1 pair single use product. Naturally, it is suitable for all skin types.

Firstly, we will talk about the “anti-ageing’ formula of collagen which has been used to treat wounds for 2000 years. The name collagen comes from the Greek meaning glue or the fountain of youth. As a result it can be purchased in sachets, chewy sweets, creamer, capsules and now gloves and booties.

Beauty Pro Collagen infused Gloves

The older we get the less collagen our body produces and it is a lower quality collagen at that. We manage to maintain youthful facial complexions due to various luxuries like clean water consumption, minimal UV exposure and face products that in turn contain forms of collagen. 

On the other hand, (see what I did there) hands are left taking the brunt. Winter dryness will encourage the skin on our hands to loose elasticity and becoming dryer every year.  This year in particular with a worldwide pandemic and hand washing being imperative for our safety.

Additionally, I’ve had many conversations with women who claim their hands give their age away. Consequently, there are cosmetic procedures with injectable fillers to provide the hands with a more youthful look.  As a needle hater I think we should try the Beauty Pro gloves 1st.

beauty pro gloves

Who is this product for? / What problem does this solution fix? / Pro’s and Con’s / Summary

The gloves have removable fingers so manicures can continue whilst the skin takes on the gorgeous product. The instructions states that 20 minutes is long enough. 

So how to navigate with a polish application? It is extremely hard to walk in thin air with no obstructions around to not smudge a polish manicure. We should not get wild and take gloves off! So in terms of polish application I would only apply this while the manicure part is taking place.

Cons list :- 
  • The product inside the gloves is a gel like consistency. The feel is slightly cold and will benefit from a palm to palm rub to warm it up before application.
  • The gloves are one size fits all. Us little handed folks and the bigger handed folks may not love the fit. 
  • Additionally, it is an open, loose glove at the wrist. I think a wrap/band around the area would trap all the goodness into the hand. 

Pros list :-  
  • The fruit extract smell is absolutely gorgeous. After I wore the gloves my hands felt extremely soft, moisturised and the skin felt plump!
  • Lastly, there was product left on the skin after removal. To maximise the hydration rub into the skin.

Beauty Pro Collagen infused Booties

Furthermore, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the main component in various connective tissues and joints.  This is amazing news as the plantar fascia runs from the heel, to the ball of your foot. It is one of the strongest connecting tissues in the body. Unfortunately, it breaks down faster than it can replenish as we age.  Creating problems like arthritis, with 26 bones in the foot I think this product is a good match. 

This product has peppermint incorporated.  Peppermint is good for foot care, with its cooling properties to ease muscle pain, which is helpful for hardworking feet. In addition, to the antimicrobial properties to assist with itching. There has been studies for the use of peppermint oil in bacterial and fungal infections, making it one of the best features for foot care.

beauty pro booties

Who is this product for? / What problem does this solution fix? / Pro’s and Con’s / Summary

With sandal season in the UK getting longer and longer global warming – stay woke! With the warm weather starting around April until potentially September, we need to work on our feet more than ever!! 

Cons list :- 
  • I think the reality is the liquid inside this bootie is cold and wet! Feet don’t like that feeling, warming up the booties within your hand is a must!

Pros list :-
  • Sizing is generous.
  • Soft supple foot skin with visible increased moisture levels.
  • The smell was gorgeous much appreciated, we know how easy it is for feet to work up a stink!
  • I felt indulged and pampered. Subsequently, sitting still for 20 minutes gave an added level of relaxation.  Treatments such as these can give us a special few moments to sit still, breath and be present. 

Lastly, do I recommend this to you and would I use it again?  The answer is 100% yes, unquestionably. Rhi Rhi Nails It treatment list has been updated with the new additions. Next time you need a little something special, consider this add on. 

In fact, it is tried, tested and recommended.

Newsletter Archives

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Welcome to our newsletter archives, a treasure trove of insights, updates and stories from our journey. Delve into the past and discover the evolution of our ideas, projects and community. Additionally, each newsletter is a snapshot of our progress, a testament to our commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering connections. Explore the archives and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our collective experiences.

The year 2022

Firstly, is a year that consisted of social movements, more COVID variants and the olympics. Overall, a year marked by resilience, adaptation, and ongoing efforts to navigate the challenges and opportunities facing our world.

Rhi Rhi Nails It was back in full appointment mode, therefore, the newsletter converted to quarterly as the country tried to go outside safely. Simultaneously, the viral trend of glazed donut nails took over the nail world.

Meanwhile, here are newsletter archives that you may have missed that year.

October 2022

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The year 2021

Secondly, as we bid farewell to the year, we can reflect on the challenges, triumphs, and moments that defined our journey. From navigating global evens to celebrating milestones, join us as we take a retrospective look at the highlights, achievements and lessons learned throughout the past twelve months. On the other hand, the newsletter archives for 2021 came every month and is a complete snap shot of the year.

The domination of french was evident this year, making a full resurgence after the questionable french styles from the early 2000’s. On the contrary, there was added style, colours and personalisation with its new popularity.

To illustrate, its versatility, why not check out the photo gallery for an array of french styles, maybe for your next appointment?

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The year 2020

Lastly, digging deep into the newsletter archives is the start of the journey from May to December. Evidently, the domination of the year 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic but there were many, many troubles in our world that year. Will we ever process the trauma!

Were nail trends even a thing when it’s a home painting affair? As a result the 1st time we got back into nail appointments the colour choices were wild!!

December 2020

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