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Last year (the dreaded 2020) was a challenge for various reasons. The ombré nail art trend became an additional 2020 challenge for me. So this year I’m coming out swinging.

Ombré is an underrated, sort after look. We are adapting it into our lives in ways and means that we may not be aware of. I’m talking about hair, nails and decor. That’s assuming we’ve all looked up a balayage hairstyle, which is currently one of the most popular hairstyles around the world and has been for the past few years. Or googled baby boomer nails. Then there’s the classic ombré patterned bed cover I’m sure we’ve all had at some point in time.

The word ombré itself translates from French to English as “shading” which creates a look from light to dark.

The Incident

With this eye catching trend all round us the inevitable happened. Unfortunately I was unprepared for a nail booking with an ombré request! I can not remember the last time I practiced an ombré. Im thinking it was back when I still performed acrylic extensions, we’re talking circa 2016. The world of ombré has moved forward quite a bit since then. One thing this world teaches us time and time again is that it will move forward when we stand still.

The hardest ombré is pink and white otherwise known as baby boomer. Getting a seem free blend of the two colours is the pinnacle of skill. White is notoriously difficult especially when you want it to work with another colour. I’m sure you have guessed it, my ombré request was a baby boomer.

In addition to the whites problematic nature I am also working with the gel polish. The most challenging product for this look as the fluidity of the product is not forgiving. Acrylic (Liquid and Powder) can be dragged, pressed and thinned. Traditional nail polish can be dabbed, held in place by its drying capacity or layered in various stages of drying. So like an absolute amateur I used the tradition nail polish approach but with a gel polish……. I can honestly say it looked like I tried to paint her nails while drunk on Chardonnay. Epic fail and no one to blame but myself. There was no way I was going to allow this gorgeous girl to leave without her nails looking anything but 110%. So I filed the whole lot off and started again and poor “E” had to choose a plan B.

The Fix

There are a ton of nail art brushes that help professionals pull off this ombre look. I spent the best part of the past few months trying all the available tools and product combinations.

In true nail professional fashion, I had to create a custom made press on set for sale. The end result was fab-u-lous darlin!


I always want to learn and try new things for the anticipation of the outcome. Resting on my laurels with the nail skills I already have is not a desire of mine. Im also big enough and ugly enough to know when I’m trash and need to work on my craft.

Practice makes perfect is a saying we throw around very loosely but it has real weight in life behaviours. I will keep practicing my nail art skills and keep you up to date with the many embarrassing stories to go along with it. We all seem to think we are meant to be the finished article and good at everything. Our own life experiences show us that’s never the truth. Sometimes you fail, big, small and epic. My mindset allows me to admit my shortcomings as embarrassing as they can be and try something that will make them less short.

With my 1st batch of practising done I feel relatively confident. Now I’m ready and rearing to go for a wide variety of ombré, sombré or baby boomers. As an incentive to let me use your lovely nails as practice tools, all ombré nail art in the year of 2021 is free. Form an orderly queue girls.

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