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The geometric nail art movement is laid down on a beautiful path by the genius’s before.  Artists use it, mathematicians use it, musicians use it, even spiritualist refer to the flower of life.
According to The Tate  – Geometry is studying the relationships between lines, angles, and surfaces.
One of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous drawings was the man inside the square/circle, this is a visual image of the geometry of man.  

The Vitruvian Man

A very common picture when looking at geometric patterns is the flower of life.  The flower consists of 19 overlapping circles, spaced evenly, create a perfectly symmetrical flower.  It’s documented that the 1st image of the geometric flower dates back to 645 BC.

Sacred geometry is the observation of universal patterns which are found in the foundations of the universe.

Geometric sequences are also in mathematics, the numbers follow a pattern or rule.  Interest rates in the bank also contain a level of geometric sequences. 

Musical note frequencies each have a specific frequency called a pitch.  The interval between the pitches is called an octave all entangled into a mathematical sequence. 


Piet Mondrian a Dutch painter created one of the most famous geometric pieces of art known along with my favourite Kandisky, mentioned in previous blog about abstract art.  They were both pioneers in these styles of painting.  Using simple geometric shapes to portray a feeling, movement and a whole emotion.

What is a geometric shape?  How do we miss that they are all around us?  Your cabbage in the fridge, the flowers on your dining table and the pinecones in your pot purée bowl.  

Great examples of natures geometry consist of snowflakes, diamonds, shells, trees a sunflower head.  These beautiful items are in front of our eyes every day.  

Nail Art

I have the impression that this is why this common nail art request is timeless. Natural geometric shapes will continue to make an impression on us every day.  Whether it’s conscious or unconscious.

Nail art is evolving every day, just like fashion all trends go round in a circle.  Hot now, not next year but when it comes to simple styles, they are timeless.

Geometric patterns are always in our nail trends. Whether there are lines dots circles or squares we are wearing them every year.  My hope is that in 5 years’ time this blog is still relevant for nail art fabulousness.

The approach I’ve used for this style of nail is something you can also do at home. Home nail art can be fun nothing in life needs to be perfect and nail art is no exception.

I love to channel the info and practice into a real life set of nails so here’s one I made earlier… Blue Peter style.

Press On Them Thangs Gurl 


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