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The French Manicure is making a come back, in a big way. Like most fashion it goes round in a full circle. Hot stuff then trashy then back to hot stuff. I bring your attention to the new found interest in the old school valour tracksuit!!!

The French Tip / French / Frenchie / French Manicure style is a prime example of starting out as a trendy fashion look and then falling out of favour, but slowly clawing its way back onto our nails.


There’s was a large period of time when the french look was a standard appointment at the nail salon, they call it one of the original nail styles. Block colours (other than red) or nail art had not reached its start of interest let alone the peak it’s at now. 

A professional nail technician is trained in pink and white as a standard! Pink and white is the terminology used by professionals.  We may also throw around the words smile line, the line of white on the pink, the smile line is the border between the two. This line is on the free edge of the nail. It can either elongate the free edge or alternatively elongate the nail bed. Some situations need a nail illusion ;).

It was once created with an airbrushing technique, a method that had somewhat gone out of favour but may also be making a comeback, keep your eyes peeled.. There are alternative versions such as the white extension tip and lets not forget the full out, steady hand skill of painting the white free hand on a natural nail! Ive definitely done a few of those bad boys.

So as per the trusty internet I researched why is it called French Tip? Where is the name from? Many articles reported stories but there was no definite story. The one that was thrown around the most was ………

It was created in 1975 by President and CEO of Orly International Jeff Pink. Jeff created the look to minimise the changing of nail colours per scene for actresses. Even now we refer to the french as something that will match everything we have going on in life. He then took the look to a Paris Fashion Week came home to America and said “the french look”

It has nothing to do with France and everything to do with Hollywood.

Colours and shapes of the free edge can play a big part., colour of the nail bed or shape of the nail. The possibilities are absolutely endless.

For a really clean natural look tone is a big factor in picking the colour for the nail bed. There’s a sheer pink vibe or the fashion forward nude nail look which is one of the reasons I keep a full stock of nude options.

Creating a nail look with a template of 2 colours together one on the nail bed one on the free edge is a vortex of nail creation opportunities. As long as the free edge is different colour from the nail bed its a French.

Just like most exciting nail art ideas I have got to make a press on version. Its rude not to! Let’s all get frenching.

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By Rhi Rhi

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