Nail Art Trends – Designer Logo’s

It’s all about that logo! You can just see a yellow M and think MacDonald’s.

Logos have the power to make us feel or want something just by the sight of it. Designer brands can thrive on their logo, with such representation that you know who they are without the full company name present. We know L V, or two C intertwined being Louis Vuitton and Chanel respectively. Any company trying to make a name for themselves has to take note of the level of brand awareness these designers are achieving.

We have taken such an attachment to the expensive designer brands of the world and their famous logos we have placed them on everything. I’m talking rugs, pillows, toothbrush holders and now nails. With that in mind I bought a selection of options for every taste on from an amazing nail supplier Nail Citi.

These products are just what I wanted to be able to make some really eye-catching nails with not too much drama. I have used foils many times over the last 7 years and have always worked with a more abstract theme. These logos really needs to be seen whole on the nail if you want the full effect. So, I went back to basics and used the actual ‘foil glue’. It’s a white liquid which you apply to the area you want the foil to stick to. You wait for it to dry (look clear/no longer white) and then you place the foil on top. Rub, rub, rub with a silicone tool to ensure it’s all stuck down – top tip – You can see the pattern coming away from the foil as you press.

Why do we love designer?

It’s expensive, its luxury. Who can afford expensive? Rich and famous, are we ooobbsseesssssed with rich and famous? HELL YEAH WE ARE!

Rightly or wrongly we look to celebrities and influencers for so many things. When we look, we see designer. Shoes, bags, belts or clothing covered in logos. We tend to deem this as the pinnacle of success, and this can relate to any field.

Us working folk dreaming of “making it” comes from working at something and continuing to do well and then receiving the accolades and notoriety for our achievements. Just like an award show season in Hollywood which is no joke, have you ever watched the red-carpet coverage. Very serious business!

It seems that even the introverts of the world know the importance of doing well and potentially having rich and famous being inside the same success bubble. Steven Hawkings let the whole world, not just the scientific community know, what Black Holes are. This = fame.

Thats enough about fame, success, money and luxury. Let’s look at some nails that tell us we have all those things without using words. Check out these simple but extremely effective styles I whipped up in the nail studio.

Luxury example – Louis Vuitton bags are waterproof and fireproof, handmade with natural leather.

When making magic its always appropriate to make a pair for someone far away who I can’t get my hands on. So here is the purchasable press on pair.

The retro vibe of old skool logos is also back. Ellesse! I have not had an Ellesse T-Shirt for about 25 years, but they are back too. Along with a whole list of other brand names making a resurgence. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s the 90’s again.

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By Rhi Rhi

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