Nail Art Trends – Abstract

You may have seen the new nail art trend across your socials of what I call a little bit of this and a little bit of that… I hear a Inner Circle song when I say that.

The abstract art movement is the concept of creating a visual language of shapes, textures and a liberal use of colour. However we are generally aware of art techniques that are recreations of real visuals The abstract art styles are different because its purpose is to not be an accurate depiction.

Abstract Art History

The artist named Kandinsky is noted as the pioneer for abstract art. He was born in 1866 so just like every trend we are not creating the wheel we are just rehashing a trend.

There is potentially the most famous artist of the genre – Jackson Pollock he was born in 1912. The end of the 19th century is said to be the abstract boom, when it was embraced into the modern art world.

Art is subjective, however we all know and the great thing about this world we live in there are options. Thousands, hundreds, millions of options of art that will suit your style and taste. Me personally am a BIG abstract fan, big fan!

The joy of abstract is the rules are non existent, bent or broken. The rebel inside of me loves this. The freedom of expression and speech in artistic form suits my style. If it’s not obvious its of interest to me. Its almost as if the abstract natures of the art takes the pressure of the perfection in the world and gives you a space to be who you think you are. I would like to live my whole life in an abstract expression.

Nail Art Varieties

This nail art splash or drip is inspired by Jackson Pollock. Most importantly known to pour paint straight from the can. If you choose a drip nail there is no promise that I won’t pour it straight from the bottle 😉

Layering is a great way of squeezing multiple artistic expressions into a small space. The below nail is layer with foil and gel, depicting a fireworks scene. Very effective and is striking enough to just have one.

When mixing colours and techniques the visual can be partial, complete or slight.

Mixed art techniques are effective when you use unconventionally approaches. These next two nails have a number of layers firstly being my fingerprints!! Wild. Secondly using a dry brush stroke.

As always I created a pair of abstract nail art press on nails. It would be rude not to channel all that artistic flow into a set of gorgeous nails.

As a result of my research and nail art, I also applied my love for abstract to a canvas painting. I was very free with my approach and worked on the painting over a few months. Only painting when I felt a strong emotion. Such as bad day at work, anger, tearful and my favourite listening to Beyonce. By layering these emotions I created a story. Can you see what I felt?

In conclusion, this trend for me is pure perfection in every way that is not perfect.