Marian Newman / Doug Schoon – Part 1

Marian Newman / Doug Schoon – Part 1 is focusing on what I’ve learnt so far this year from these two giants in the nail game.   As stated there will be a part 2 with so much educational knowledge available I can’t get it all down in one sitting.  

Two professionals in the nail industry that I respect above the rest (I’ve got favourites, sshh don’t tell), Marian Newman and Doug Schoon are amazing industry front runners for knowledge / regulations.  They are striving for an industry filled with professionals who are expanding their product knowledge far beyond colour choices and nail art.  Both professionals have published books and for me that’s money well spent at this part of my career and no doubt will be in years to come, when needing to reference.

As I’ve banged on a thousand times, I endeavour to be the best Nail Technician I can be.  Knowledge and practice, working “in my business” and “on my business” but education is key to doing anything well.

Knowledge is so powerful when passed down from someone who has learnt the same as you, put it into practice and gained experience.  Who then take the time to pass the knowledge onto people who are potentially at a different stage, on the same journey.

Whilst I’m learning, you’re learning because we all want to make informed decisions when purchasing products, such as home nail supplies.  We also want to know important information when getting our nails done professionally because it’s not all colour swatches and glitter. 

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi

Complete Nail Technician

I started out at the beginning of the year with Marian’s The Complete Nail Technician or should I say Marian Newman BEM.  Marian has been creating educational textbooks since 1990 and the title of the book is no lie.  What needs to happen is, this book needs to be used alongside any nail course.  It has every thing you need, it’s the book of books.   I have learnt so much from this book I can’t recommend it higher.  If you want to be a good, knowledgable nail technician then don’t over look this book!!

I read it cover to cover and im a better nail technician for it.  It’s the little details that I needed to know.  Thing like marketing ploys that confuse nail technicians such as “chemical free”. Who would have thought something so simple is actually ridiculously inaccurate.  Every single thing is made of chemicals.  The word formaldehyde also gets thrown around a lot but even us humans are not formaldehyde free.  We produce it in our bodies at the amount of 0.0005%. 

I have completed a course with Marian before, it was a great experience as a new nail technician and I’m so grateful I was chosen.  It’s only a short piece but check it out below if you want to read how badly I sucked at that one. 

Nails: Mastered 

Face to Face with Doug Schoon Volume 1

Doug Schoon – Volume 1

This is what I’ve learnt so far from the Science Boss himself.  When talking about us magical nail technicians he says beautiful things like this …… They regularly work with the most technologically advanced products in the beauty industry”

Some of the gems that you may have heard me spewing in the monthly newsletter come from these books and they consist of: 

Do nails need to breath?  

No, nails don’t need to breath.  Nail plates do not absorb any oxygen and can thrive in a completely air free environment.  Nail plates get everything they need delivered and filtered via the blood stream from the nail matrix.  The nail matrix is where the nail is created (just behind the cuticle area).  

When wearing a nail coating moisture and oil content still passes through the nail plate to keep it supple.  This may slow down ever so slightly but that is all!  

Nail polish

Have you ever heard of nail polish that is 3-free / 4-free / 5-free even as far as 6-free!?  This is normally related to chemicals that are no longer in polishes anyway.  Original nail polishes contained products such as fish scales for shimmer , Carmine for red shades and tallow for thickening.  All animal byproducts that’s were used a vveeerrrryyyyy long time ago.  This is why you may find polishes claiming they are “vegan”.

Nail polish bottles have no water for pathogens 🦠 to survive, it’s full of solvents which are known to break down a pathogen and kill them.

Any nail polish information you may want to find, check out 


Just in case you have ever heard misinformation about nail lamps.  Here’s the real intelligence..

For decades Dr’s have been using UV as a treatment for psoriasis (documented as a very safe procedure).  Scientific research at a major US University claims you would need to have 250 years of UV gel manicures every week, to match the risk of one course of psoriasis treatment.  You are at more risk of UV exposure from the sun when driving back and fourth to your nail appointment.  

Marian Newman / Doug Schoon – Part 1 is focusing on what I’ve learnt so far.  Up next is Volume 2 and 3 from Doug and a course Nail Knowledge Diploma that I won a huge discount on.  Watch this space.

By Rhi Rhi

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