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You won’t believe how many times people say “eww you touch feet, I hate feet, I couldn’t do that”. I do not hate feet, I don’t love them but they do interest me so, I attended another training webinar for more foot knowledge. The training had a hilarious name – The Fungus Among Us LOL

Now foot fungus is such a big problem for most people but we don’t want to talk about it or even fix it. Please note this condition is contagious not just for pedicure treatments but for others in your home. It’s not serious but it can take a really long time to get rid of. If under the toe nail it can look like a white area sometimes yellow. It does tends to appear in the corners as the nail lifts from the skin slightly. If left unattended it can make the nail brittle. On the skin it can be Athletes foot, not just for the runners. In between toes and heels it can look like peeling , flaking , cracking dry skin.

Reconsise, recommend and refer. The 3 R’s that I learnt last year on training. Im not a GP and I have no medical knowledge, I can not diagnose your toes with anything other than gorgeousness. Normally caused by choosing a banging colour. This said I do want you to be foot educated too. Here are some common foot issues we may all experience.


A hard (usually round circle) of dry skin. They normally rear their ugly heads on the top or the side of your toes. Shoes are normally the culprit. Baby toes do end up wearing our corns and they are very common in women. Do not try and cut these off they can become infected! Moisture, they need moisture and comfortable shoes.


The ingrown nail, this happens so easily. You cut at a strange angle 3 weeks later the nail has grown up but the skin is in the way. Bam💥 inflammation and an imbedded nail on some very soft toe tissue! Cutting the nail in a straight line with nice smooth edges is an art form.


This condition is when the toe joint is misaligned. This will always require specialist care as it’s a serious “ouchy”.


A verruca is categorised as a wart but in-growing. They are extremely common and can sometimes be identified by a black spot under the hard skin. A pharmacist visit can assist with this condition.


Is the type of fungi infection that effects you skin, hair and nails. It obtains it nutrients from keratin. This can be between the toes where its moist or on the heels where its dry. It can get under the toe nail and is extremely common. Toe nails need moisture too.

Nail Psorias

Is also a common problem. When there is debris under the nail it does not mean its fungal. if the nail is still attached to the nail bed, does the nail appear thick, is it discoloured, are there any swollen skin.

Please remember all of these conditions can NOT be diagnosed by me. I can look 👀 , think and refer you to the GP, Podiatrist or Pharmacy. Some conditions are common and easily recognised enabling me to know whether to continue with your pedicure treatment.

I have written a collection of foot blogs before if you’ve never seen them check them out. The Onycholysis one is my favourite as it was my own toe nail that came off!

Top tips

Keep you feet clean and dry with nice fresh socks where you can.

Our feet need to be injury free and moisturised if we want them to walk us around the supermarket or look good in killer heels.

The epidermis (layer of skin) is much thicker on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Note that there is ALOT of sweat leaving your body through your feet. We don’t want foot products to prevent the skin from perspiring we want to moisturise the epidermis. So we need fast absorption. A moisturised epidermis will prevent dry damaged feet.

Our big and little toe are essential for our balance. Confirming why those 2 toes take the biggest beating. Big toes get the fungal or the in-growing. Little toe have no nail or very firm nail with corns as added extras. There is a lot to be said for good comfortable fitting shoes! 🎿⛸🩰👡👢🥾👞👠

A pedicure is not a luxury, we brush our hair and teeth we need to love those hard working puppies.

For the Home Pedicure

Just a plain old foot
Trim the nails in a nice straight line, get the corners too.
File nice and smooth, with no sharp edges, and moisturise.

Long toes nails enclosed in your shoes can cause serious problems. It presses and pushes on the nail tip which in turn can then lift the nail from the bed and then our old friend the fungal infection can get right into the tiny, moist, sweaty gap.

Come on let’s moisturise and get good fitting shoes, we owe it to ourselves and our feet. You only get one pair!

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