The end of 2020

Am I glad to see this year end?

Unfortunately the answer is yes.

Working this year has been the most challenging of my nail career. I’ve contemplating quitting and going back to my boring office life. I’ve contemplating only doing nails from home and not mobile, or only doing mobile and not at home…. you can see the spiral of thoughts here. Thinking any of those options are non-existent when there is no COVID-19 fog.

Am I safe?

Safety is at the top of every humans list of importance right now with this virus ravishing our lives. The safety I provide as a nail professional has got to be the best I can do. We are in a world where we fear a virus, we fear the loss of our jobs, we mourn a life before, that we called “normal” we fear a world with no vaccine along with the fear of the vaccine itself.

With all these life changing things in place, is having glittery nails at the top of everyone’s list? No! As a Nail Professional, but human being 1st, I understand this fully. Searching for a small piece of happiness in a 1-hour gossip and pamper is completely understandable but with that in mind, those of you that do want that service, as a Professional who is Safe, I need to look after you and your family the best I know how. With education / knowledge and action.

Am I a Professional?

The time I have had available to me this year has been invested in education. In total I’ve completed 14 certificated nail related courses. Ensuring I’m pushing forward the only way I know how, by continued learning, expanding my knowledge base, bringing that joy to clients with a little nail colour, glitter and a good gossip. It means just as much to me as it does to you.

The latest course in my 2020 knowledge repertoire is a really important course by the Beauty Guilds titled Professional Standards for Therapist.

Keeping my professional knowledge at the sharp edge ensuring you always get the best service and information available is my commitment to the job and you. As of right now your Nail Professional Rhiannon Johnson-Smith MGNT is:-

  • A member of the Guild of Nail Technicians
  • A member of The British Beauty Council
  • and soon to be A Member of the Federation Nail Professionals (a newly founded initiative run by the world renown nail professional Marianne Newman – you may remember I trained with her on the Nails: Mastered course)

It won’t stop there ladies! The course up next will be The Green Salon Scheme to ensure I’m looking after the planet as well as taking over the world 😉

Positivity is in my nature so I will keep my head up and look for a brighter day in 2021.

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By Rhi Rhi

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