Nail Art Trends – Tortoise Shell

This is one of the hottest trends in the nail #tag world. As usual with anything nail art when it looks amazing the assumption is its really easy, reality is, it never is! This trend is no exception.

Tortoise nails has been one of the most challenging nail art trend that I’ve tried. I’ve been attempting on and off for a two week period which has been met with swear words, nail swatches being thrown in the bin, long pauses while rubbing my temple and plenty of coffee.

As most things in life I came to the conclusion it is not meant to be perfect, it is not meant to look like someone else’s, its not meant to be what is expected. It’s meant to be my interpretation. Thats all I can do in this nail world is produce work that is my interpretation because that is where I fit in.

So once I got my head on straight I had a go with a clear mind and boom. Gorgeous. So gorgeous I made a full press on set to sell! Check them out in the shop Tortoise Shell Press On Nails

The process itself consists of layering. All depth whether it is colour or flavour are based on layering.

Foundation layers were with a yellow tone, covered with a slick layer of base coat, where coloured splodges were then applied in autumnal oranges and browns. These colours blur their lines in the wet base coat layer giving that shell like vibe that is whimsical in nature creating intrigue and misunderstanding. The final splodge layers were in black for a real richness. These layers created backgrounds of mysterious views and shapes of an unexplained look.

I can’t say I enjoy interpreting this trend but I grew my skills, every experience creates a knowledge base for life. You may learn you are resilient or that your fingers can hold a brush in a way you never realised. You may impress yourself with how quickly you can apply a coat of colour polish. All valuable life and nail knowledge, my cup will forever be half full.

The style itself is maybe overwhelming to do on all 10 nails but a few nails with this fabulous on trend look will be exciting and fun. Im attaching the option to my nail art swatches, for the girls to have as a nail art choice. Happy choosing people.