Nail Art Trends – Marble

Have you noticed everything is marble?

It used to be just kitchen work tops, now its your phone or tablet case and maybe even your water bottle. I’ll have you know I am guilty of having both these items covered in marble. So like everything in life, heres the process for the nail art version!

So what is this thing called marble that we are all so fascinated with. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallised carbonate minerals. i.e. it’s a gift from Mother Nature created inside the ground, on this great place we live call planet earth. As per usual the Greeks and Romans started the trend. They built beautiful structures with this material, some that still stand today with white or off white marble.

For my version I thought it a good idea to try a few styles out. Personally the one I enjoyed doing visually was the emerald green. This green is a visual representation of Swedish green which is a marble from quarries in Kolmården. This is so appealing to me as I am a big fan of any non conventional colours like greens, blues and my favourites orange and yellow.

The fail proof steps

Layer one – I started off using one of the techniques I used in a previous nail art approach of taking the gel colour and adding a little base coat to water the pigment down. This assists with layering.

Layer two – Consisted of the white lines of the marble vibes, these need to be loosened, like a tie at the end of the day. Or in our female world its a top button on the trousers. So to loosen the white lines we use a brush with a little acetone. Just let the acetone go where it goes, don’t do too much let the world create it just like the original marble.

Layer three – Has to be some more of that watered down green straight over the top. It takes away that sharp edge of the white. Just like the tonic we put with our gin.

These layers can continue on an on until you get the look you want. Variations of thin lines, thick lines and acetone amount. Nail decals, glitter and foils will always add a new dimension to these types of nails too if you’re feeling frisky.

This is an extremely cool style of nail, that I enjoyed working on. It has my preferred style of art, loose free flowing, and abstract. I created a pink version as a set of press on nails to place in the shop. Obviously because….. it would be rude not to! Check them out (shop).

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By Rhi Rhi

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