Light Elegance JimmyGel Builder in a Bottle

Let me just start off with this statement…. JimmyGel I the shiniest gel I’ve ever had on my nails.

Im also going to confess that in my excitement I did not do the Jimmy Shimmy on the 1st thumb. I’ll break that down for you later.

So I attended some more amazing training! This one was distributed by Sweet Squared in connection with the brand Light Elegance for a product called JimmyGel. JimmyGel is a builder gel in a bottle. This is an innovative product due to builder gels normally being in a small tub which you apply to the nail with a professional nail brush.

1st question I hear you say…

Who is Light Elegance? Light Elegance founders are Jim and Lezlie McConnell the company was started 20 years ago (veterans in the nail product game). Their products are cruelty free, 9 free, hypoallergenic and HEMA free. Light Elegance’s quality control is meticulous along with their research and development. They have a great company with really good values but are not as well known as many other big name brands.

2nd question I hear you say…

What is builder in a bottle? It is very basically a gel product you can use to create an extension or nail shape all from one bottle. There has been a few builder in a bottles on the market and I have looked into them many times before. I am well trained in nail enhancements options such as soft gel, hard gel or liquid and powder. So this is a sensible product and skill to add to my repertoire.

The trainer for this Light Elegance course was non other than Jeni Smith who I trained with for my CND Shellac certificate and the CND Brisa Lite. This was at her salon in Peterborough Salottinos. Jeni is a multi award winning education ambassador and I am very familiar with her teaching style so the course was as expected, extremely informative and flowed well.

This was a product that I didn’t have before the course but I did purchase it after. I was completely convinced it was something that would do well with the services I offer. When it arrived I gave myself a lovely manicure because it would be rude not to 😉

The Light Elegance Manicure

Tack – Tack is described as double sided sticky tape in which to adhere the Light Elegance products to the nail. I will agree, its basically double sided sticky tape. Ive never used anything as tacky! (see what I did there) It’s a great product, it gave me complete confidence that the gel was going to hold to my nail for a considerable amount of time. This is the evolution of nail product chemistry. In a past life this would be the point where a nail file would be used to rough up the surface in order to get this level of adhesion. We now have access to a wide range of acid free primers to keep the natural nails integrity ensuring minimal damage.

JimmyGel – 1st impression was how thick the gel is but no where as runny as I assumed. Now in comparison it is perfectly in the middle of a gel that would be in a bottle and a gel that would come from a tub. It is very very well made! The Jimmy Shimmy is a movement you make on the 1st layer onto the nail. You place the brush down and push gently back and fourth pressing the product into the Tack. Creating an interlocking bond, ensuring longevity of the overlay or extension.


I applied JimmyGel as an overlay, my nails are on a really good, strong growing vibe at the minute so an overlay is all I needed. It worked a treat! My nails look nice and healthy and as you know that makes me very happy.

Im happy with the training and the purchase. It isn’t something I will be using of every single client. The product is quite thick so it should last quite a long time. Happy nail building 🙂

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