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I started working for the NHS in 2008, after I left the Legal Secretary world. To this day, I still hold a zero hours contract with Children’s Services. As my nail world crashes and burns amid the wrath of Covid-19, I step fully into my assistance roll within the NHS.

Working for the NHS for so many years and having to adhere to the yearly, mandatory training for infection control, I’m fully aware of the severity of infection prevention. The idea that warm water and soap is your real defence. Not to turn the tap off with your clean hands after turning it on with your dirty hands. Do not use hand dryers as they do not come with a box of hot air attached. The air is sucked in from the room, i.e. The Shit Blowers. A lifetime worth of infection control knowledge that I have is then applied to life and nails. But in this time of pandemic, I have been accessing every bit of information I can from the beauty industry to ensure I am keeping you safe, your family, me and my family at all times, not just now.

On my recent training (Barbicide / Footlogix Infection Prevention) I have accumulated a good amount of top up knowledge. Such as – ‘The infection incubation period varies vastly depending on what we’re dealing with, but note the time frame is anything between 6 hours to 10 years!’. Bear that in mind when deciding whether or not you can be bothered to wash your hands. For nail salon set ups there has been cases of MRSA. Which can be transmitted via skin, towels and equipment. Let that sink in as a professional when deciding whether or not you can be bothered to wipe your equipment down.

Micro-organisms were one of the 1st forms of life on this earth. Micro-organisms include, bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and Protozoa.

Let’s break them down. Bacteria is not visible to the naked eye and is a living organism, it doubles every 20 minutes at room temperature. Then there’s viruses they need a living host to survive i.e. animals or humans, watch out that means you. The very unsightly Fungi, which is not as dangerous but very visible, we’ve all seen a yellowing toe nail and made the eeewww face. Then there’s the big leagues, Protozoa. Example of this would be, Malaria and Spores like C.Diff! Alllllllll of these not so wonderful things transmit by Agent – Host – Environment.

The agent? – That’s your hands, your nose, your mouth. The host? – That’s the susceptible body the very young or the other end, the very old. Bodies who are a little poorly with a compromised immune system or have pre existing medical conditions. Environment? – The warm hot sweaty gym / the warm hot sweaty spa / tight spaced aeroplane or the busy shopping centre. Its like a little game of jigsaw, take a sneeze from your nose whilst a older human is walking past you in a busy shopping centre = microbe transmission.

With the information broken down in this manner, it makes it clear to see what needs to be done to keep us all safe from nasties. WASH YOUR HANDS.

When to wash your hands and when to use hand sanitiser….. If your hands are soiled, soap, warm water, bubble up and rinse, simple! If there is no water near you sanitiser will suffice UNTIL water is available. It is not instead of for every occasion ONLY when water is not available

What am I doing right now?

Every kit item is being removed and disinfected, that’s bottles, equipment and every single manicure/pedicure tool.

Towels and uniform rewashed at 60 degrees.

Complete new set of nail files.

The kit that I already use behind the scenes and will continue to use behind the scenes because it works!

Manicure and pedicure implements are disinfected in Barbicide.

Foot spa is disinfected with Mundo, along with files that are not single use.

Your hand and foot spray is Skin Truth.

Final note… I used to do extensions when I first started out nailing (not anymore!) and in that old kit I found some face masks, they will be going straight to the nurses at work on Monday! Like Tesco says every little helps.

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