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This training is one of the pre booked course I had with Louella Belle before Covid-19 took over our lives. The course was upgraded to a webinar after face to face activities were cancelled. Just have to say it was fun and interactive, Linda Nordstrom who is the Co-Founder of Famous Names took the course and she was fabulous!

IBX is a product the penetrates the upper layers of the nail plate, IBX works inside the nail filling up all the empty spaces and is not attached to the keratin. The IBX strength and repair products have the same routine of apply/heat for 2 minutes / 4 minutes respectively (with a 40-70 watt lamp 6-8 inches away)/blot/cure on the colour coat setting/cleanse. IBX Boost is a soak off product so I can combined this treatment with my chosen gel polish system which is CND Shellac. This will all remove from the nail in the same way with the usual…. no damage. Exother i.e. heat spike, is not a common factor with IBX and it does contain monomers but they are different from the products used for extensions. FACT FILE – Monomer is the match and Oligomers is the lighter

The IBX boost system is apparently extremely similar to a product I trained in a few years ago that was discontinued called CND Brisa Lite (see blog). This makes me very happy. I will be purchasing this item as quickly as possible. Having an amazing product like this does not surprise me considering one of the founders of IBX was also an original family member from the company CND.

From the product range available there is IBX Repair , IBX Strengthen , IBX base coat , IBX Boost, IBX high shine top coat. This training was completed in March 2020 and I needed to buy a few items to create the kit before I could show a true before and after for these products. I have chosen to buy – IBX Strenghten, IBX Base coat, IBX Boost and a heat lamp.

It’s time for the manicure talk. My nails were not in bad condition the pandemic lock down mode has forced me to leave them unattended as I focused on Rhi Rhi Nails It business administration. They were in need of some TLC in terms of the cuticles, moisture was lacking due to the amount of hand washing and alcohol gel used. They were ready for a nice treatment.

What I used and how I used it

IBX Strengthen – The consistency was so much thicker than I had anticipated, I think because the instructions are to apply product and heat under the lamp for 4 minutes a watery product was my instinctual thought but yet the product was like that of a very thin base gel! Application much be technically applied otherwise you will be flooding the side walls. I made a small error in my blotting stage there was some fibres left behind and effected the smooth finish. Note to self instructions state, only blot if needed!

IBX Base coat was not too thick. Allowed a smooth application.

IBX Boost was incredibly thick, I honestly believe I could have turned it upside down on top of my head and would be safe! These types of gels need to be applied with skill. It will only go where you put it, it will not swill around the nail freely, it will indent if you press your brush too hard. I think it would be easier to apply by a gel technician as they are used to tickling various types of gel products to do what they want.

IBX System as a whole – Conclusion

I am very hard on my nails, I’m quite rough with things, I have an oily nail bed and anyone who has ever met me knows I’m extremely clumsy. 2 left hands and 2 left feet so my hands are a good test for products. Even more pressing when Im physically working I am a rebel and did not used to wear gloves for manicure treatments (pre COVID-19) now I know nothing of the feel the skin on someones hands.

I can officially say after 2 weeks with this IBX Strength and IBX Boost on my nails:-

  • The product is still attached
  • My nails look pink an healthy at the nail bed
  • The nails are white and long at the free edge
  • There is a grow out at the base of the nail

Considering I have a treatment, a base and a painted on gel layer there is zero thickness, with a pure natural look. If I applied a matte top coat we would all be none the wiser. I believe I have come to the conclusion that this will be the continuous product for my nail care. Its strong and health promoting which is all I ever wanted from a nail product. For my Brisa light base coat ladies this is an optimal alternative.

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