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When I visited Professional Beauty last year (see blog) I hunted down the Footlogix stand to get 2 specific items. Which in true virgo style I had researched to within an inch of their lives and had to go on my shopping list. The items were Footlogix Seaweed Foot Scrub and Footlogix Callus Softener both from the professional range. Footlogix caught my eye early on for the sheer fact its not marketed in a “beauty” way. Its impression on me was the products they sell are there to end some of the struggles clients may be having with their feet.

Before the global pandemic of Covid-19 kicked off I had booked myself onto a few training sessions to take place on the same weekend as this years Professional Beauty Show at the Excel which was cancelled and transformed into an emergency hospital of 4,000 beds VERY SCARY! The training sessions were for Footlogix and Famous Names IBX (keep your eyes peeled for IBX Blog coming soon). I wanted this 1st class training to make sure I’m getting the maximum from these product. We then went into lock down but the very innovative Loubelle arranged for the training to be done via Webinar, genius! So cuppa tea, comfy clothes, pen and pad…… let’s do this. I have now been trained on product knowledge for the whole range, I am a very happy Nail Tech.

Heres what I know now that I didn’t know then… FACT FILE

  • 85% of the population have foot related problems
  • There are 250,000 sweat glands in the bottom of your feet
  • Soldiers in world war 2 were told to pee in their boots to keep from foot problems because of the urea in pee
  • When the skin on the heel becomes so dry that using a rasp to remove it (which normally does the job) creates more and more flaking this means the dry skin has a fungal infection

I have a huge interest in foot health / foot care / foot treatments you name it I’ve looked it up. Footlogix is creating items with active ingredients that are essentially products that work, they do not just sit of the surface of the skin. The active ingredients penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis to alleviate many foot problems. Then educating nail professionals about clients who have existing medical conditions that can still enjoy these treatments like diabetics and pregnant women. We can all buy a foot cream from the supermarket because it smells good and think that’s enough but I love companies who are doing something different from everyone else.

The best way to judge any product is to give it a real go. So that’s what I did. I was suffering with quite a dry heels so it was a really good opportunity to see what magic could be shazamed. Check out my instagram for the before and after.

The product usage

Footlogix Cleansing Wipes – This was a last minutes addition to my kit, with sanitation high on everyones priority list during this pandemic and my new training on product knowledge the wipes were imperative. They are quite thick surprisingly, wonderfully they were not too wet and not too dry. Just enough moisture to wipe over the whole foot with the ability to remove debris while leaving the foot slightly moist. There is also no smell which was quite refreshing to not have a product completely incapacitate my senses with synthetic fragrances. One wipe per foot is the correct practice if you are actually aiming to sanitise appropriately.

Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub – This scrub had a soft, wet, quite loose consistency which I found interesting. So many foot scrubs are thick and gloopy they do not spread around the foot well and you tend to end up using a large amount. This was different it was light and movable, it covered the whole foot area with around about a 2p piece amount of product. There are not as many exfoliating grains as I’m used, in saying that it seems as though we don’t need as many, this product exfoliated the foot perfectly. The smell is strong but really pleasant almost a naturally perfumed vibe.

Footlogix Callus Softener – The star of the show, I was most excited about this because its basically the money shot and it didn’t disappoint,. It is a leave on product with minimal smell and does contain the all important urea. This changed my heels not just that day but for days afterwards I could visibly see and physically feel the difference. LOVE.

Outcome / Conclusions

I am extremely happy with my training and my purchases. I confidently feel that these Footlogix items will transform my pedicures for the better. They will do what I need them to do for my clients who need foot care, foot health and foot beauty. “Does what it says on the tin products”, having these items in my kit are a must!

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