Collagen Infused Gloves – Product review

Beauty Pro have created a dual-function hand mask. A hydrating and nourishing hand treatment glove. The packet is a 1 pair single use product. Purchased from beauty wholesaler Salon Services.

The gloves are infused with marine collagen and fruit extracts. The name collagen comes from the Greek meaning glue. It is one of the hottest trends around, collagen can be purchased in sachets, chewy sweets, creamer, capsules and now gloves and booties.

The older we get the less collagen our body produces and a lower quality collagen at that, sounds about right hey? Ive had many conversations with women who claim their hands give their age away. We manage to maintain youthful facial complexions due to various luxuries like clean water consumption, minimal UV exposure and face products that contain a form of collagen. On the other hand (see what I did there) are left taking the brunt of working hard with minimal care, making skin look worn and wrinkled. Ive even heard of a cosmetic procedures in which hands are injected with fillers to give them a more youthful look. As a needle hater I think we should try these gloves 1st.

Winter dryness of the skin on our hands is really difficult to navigate and with skin loosing elasticity and becoming dryer every year, we need assistance! This year in particular with a worldwide pandemic and hand washing being imperative for our safety our hands are officially ruined. This type of treatment is perfection and for every set of hands!

Who is this product for? / What problem does this solution fix? / Pro’s and Con’s / Summary

The gloves have removeable fingers so manicures can continue whilst the skin takes on the gorgeous product. This creates a 30-60 minutes window, the instructions states that 20 minutes is long enough. So in terms of a gel polish manicure this product will only need to be applied to the hand once the potential gel removal and manicure is completed and then placed on the hand for the colour application process.

The same would not apply for a polish application, heres why! Its hard enough to walk in thin air with nothing around you to not smudge a polish manicure lets not get wild and take gloves off! So in terms of polish application I would apply this while the manicure part is taking place.

Cons list :- The product inside the gloves is of a gel consistency, the feel is slightly cold and could possibly benefit from a little palm to palm rub to warm it up 1st. As you can imagine the gloves are made in a one size fits all approach. Us little handed folks and the bigger handed folks may not love the fit. As its an open, loose glove I think a wrap/band (NOT TOO TIGHT) around the wrist area would trap all the goodness into the hand area.

Pros list :- The fruit extract smell is absolutely gorgeous, if that smell was incorporated into a hand cream it would sell well. After I wore the gloves in front of the telly for 20 minutes I can honestly say they felt extremely moisturised. I almost didn’t want to use my hands they felt so soft! The skin felt plump, there was some product left on the skin which I then rubbed in to maximise the goodness. I was convinced and happy to use the product again and even happier to use on all clients.

This treatment is added to the price list so next time you need a manicure fix with a little something special consider this add on. It is tried, tested and recommended by me.

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By Rhi Rhi

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