Collagen Infused Bootie – Product Review

Beauty Pro have created an exciting collagen infused bootie product with removable toe tip in which you can also have a matching set for your hands. It is suitable for all skin types with the “anti-ageing’ formula sale point.

Little back story on collagen i.e. fountain of youth and why it’s a selling point for this product. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the main component in various connective tissues. This is amazing news as the plantar fascia which runs from the heel to the ball of your foot is one of the strongest connecting tissues in the body. This amazing collagen ‘stuff” is found in your joints too, unfortunately its breaks down faster than it can replenish as we age. Creating problems like arthritis and with 26 bones in the foot I think this product is a wonderful match.

As with most products that are aimed at the feet, it has peppermint incorporated. Peppermint is an amazing for foot care, it is very cooling which is helpful for hardworking feet. Muscle pain is also known to be eased by peppermint oil along with helping with ailments such as itching. The antimicrobial properties it possesses its one of the best features for foot care. There has been studies for the use of peppermint oil in bacterial and fungal infections. With the addition of the collagen which has been used to treat wounds for 2000 years. Id say all the ingredients are legit.

Treatment time is for 20 minutes which allows this to be added into services as the polish application part for gel but the the pedicure part for polish.

Who is this product for? / What problem does this solution fix? / Pro’s and Con’s / Summary

Sandal season which is the UK is getting longer and longer (global warming – stay woke!) with the warm weather starting around April until potentially September. People that’s most of the year, we need to work on our feet more than ever!! The toll our lives take on our feet is underrated, I recommend all pamper treatments, care products, massages, reflexology, oils and lotions anything and everything that helps those little tootsies.

Cons list :- I think the reality is the liquid inside this bootie is cold and wet! Feet don’t like that feeling, warming up the booties within your hand is a must.

Pros list :- Soft supple foot skin with visible increased moisture levels! I felt indulged and pampered and sitting still for 20 minutes gave an added level of relaxation. Sometimes these treatments give us a special few moments to sit still, breath and be present. The smell was gorgeous much appreciated on the feet as we know how easy it is for them to work up a stink! Sizing is generous so no need to worry about the size of your feet which us ladies tend to think about once your over a size 5 or 6.

Do I recommend this to you, or anyone and would I use it again. The answer is 100% yes. Get involved! Check it out in the shop and on the treatment price list.

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By Rhi Rhi

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