Back to work after Covid-19

Its official Rhi Rhi Nails It is back!!!!!!

With an original start date potentially being 4th July, when the Prime Minister stated that date will only be for hairdressers my heart sank. I wanted to start painting gorgeous nails, but I was denied. So with no second date for close range beauty planned, we awaited any news. THEN on Thursday 9th a bombshell! After 15 weeks of Covid-19 ravishing our world, the UK Government decided that it is safe for close range services (but not on the face) to resume with extra precautions.

Getting this date with 3 days notice was a lightning bolt to the system but I’m ready to rock and roll.

I would like to assure you that in those 15 weeks I have worked extremely hard following all the government guidelines for reopening and partaking in all COVID-19 beauty training and webinars available. I want to keep you and everyone you know safe along with me and everyone I know safe.

Here is everything you need to know on a mobile beauty front before we get to the nail dazzle part.

Nail technicians are to:

~  Wash hands between every client treatment.

~ Will no longer be able to take cash payments.

~ Use single-use files, buffers etc. and dispose of these safely.

~  Clean tools to be kept in a clean environment until use.

~ Wear freshly laundered uniforms that have been washed at 60 degrees Celsius.

~ All nail technicians must wear suitable face masks.

~ Clean gloves to be worn for every client and for cleansing afterwards. These should be powder-free nitrile gloves in the case of latex glove sensitivity.

~ All tools to disinfected (strictly following manufacturer instructions) using products that are tested to approved standards.

What you as clients will need to do:

~  Please wash hands with liquid soap and warm water for 20 seconds before we start.

~  Do not touch face or any personal belongings during your treatment.

~ You will have to also wear a disposable mask.

Some of these actions are standard behaviours for nail technicians. But adhering to them with great intensity will benefit the whole world.

Here is my Covid-19 Infection Prevention Policy from the Beauty Guilds Covid-19 Training Course.

Here are the completed risk assessments for treatments that can still be carried out

The treatments that can not be performed are as below

24 hours before your appointment, I will have to ask a series of questions to ensure your’e feeling good and everyone in your house is feeling good. I will always ensure you of the same for myself and my household. I want to give you complete confidence in me as a person and as professional nail technician.

I have to say the biggest thank you to The British Beauty Council. They lobbied so tirelessly for us. They are the reason, that right now we are getting back out there and being able to work. I’m extremely grateful and it will be a whole new world next week but I’m up for the challenge.

I shall see you soon 🙂