Various ways to be an artist

Spending an hour with someone every 2 weeks while touching them physically and sitting in close range of their personal space is one of the most intimate ways to get to know someone.

I have clients with varied professions from Office Mangers to Social Workers.  One client last week told me a story that warmed my heart as I related to on every level.  Going from a very serious, high pressured, restricted work environment to starting a artist course/business, in her case it was Henna.

The excitement of learning a new artistic skill, knowing you have a little flare of artistry in you, trying to hone it in and expand the knowledge.  The pride you feel when you complete a course with excellent feedback , then comparing your work from pre and post education.  Then the real fun….. opening your mind to what you can really do after using your natural ability and course based skills.  The joy it gives you to look back at your work and see how creative you really are.

Its freeing, it uses a different side of the brain, a sense of achievement, the shock and awe you give yourself from the feeling that what is in front of you came from your hands, your knowledge and YOUR skill.

Same as always everyone around you doesn’t understand your journey or the way it makes you feel, why you would want to step away from the normal routes in society, the routes that make obvious and steady money with pension schemes and annual leave.  When all you can feel is the lioness in you roaring louder than every now that you have fed her artistic flare.  The strain between normal and extraordinary is a risk not everyone is willing to take but I feel that once there is creativity involved, the door is too open to close.

Side note…. Henna is temporary body art which is also called Mehndi.  It can dye skin, hair, fingernails and fabric.  In many cultures wedding henna is still tradition and an important custom.  Henna gives blessings to the bride of joy and luck.  The designs are custom made for every client and can last up to 2 weeks.

Power to the creative mind!



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