Pure Vitamin D

As a small experiment, I decided to go on holiday (where there was predicted 32 degree heat) without my nails painted…. oh the horror!!

Every nail technician is aware that summer time = busy time.  Brits flock to hotter places with coral coloured finger nails, the infamous secret toes that are covered all year round get a little air time whilst navigating very hot foreign sands. Its a standard procedure to have a mani / pedi before a holiday but isn’t the sun meant to be good for hair and nails?

“Apparently” a large portion of the world is deficient in vitamin d.  Vitamin D itself can assist your body in the increased absorption of calcium, and aid in heart , brain and immune function.  All things that will increase hair and nail health and growth.  When gaining this Vitamin d via the sun, sun cream is a MUST!

There was a slight alteration to the experiment, as I am of mixed race I tan extremely well due to the melanin in my skin. Melanin blocks UVB rays which inevitably means I would require more sun exposure to produce the adequate amounts of vitamin D compared to most.  My nails didn’t get the memo 😉

My nails were slightly unkempt before I went to this Sahara heat but I performed a luxury manicure to get them into TLC receiving mode and I performed the same manicure on return.

Did my nails come home in a better condition they went to Spain in.  Yes.

Would I do it again. No. 

As much as my nails were pink shiny and full of a healthy glow, there is no fun in sitting around a pool with lots of brightly coloured toe nails around you to then look down and my …. well…. feet! Basically is all I could described the sad look of my toes with no jazzy colour staring back at me.





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