Professional Beauty London 2019

Today was a wonderful day.

It was Professional Beauty London 2019 day.

It started off with a relatively easy journey from sunny old Luton with my “love you long time” homegirl Sital to the big LDN. Having never been to the Excell Centre before I was taken aback at the gorgeous setting right next to the docks, the airplanes coming in to land over head and the city skyscrapers in the background. It was all very impressive.

The show was well laid out, big, bright and inviting but when your 5’2 in a constant crowd of people its slightly hard to see the stand names unless your basically right in front of it. Never fear! found the bargains 😉

Let’s get to the best part of the day, my nail seminars! To start with was Sculpting: The basics then Sculpting: Advanced then Sculpting: Extreme Shapes. I had the privilege of being the nail model for all three. My hands are now equipped with 4 different nail extensions in a variety of lengths, shapes and colours. I have never been the demo hand before and I really did learn something extra. The added sense of touch/feel had entered my learning experience.

It gave me a range of additional knowledge such as:

  • What it felt like when the pressure was applied to file into shape
  • The strength of the structure
  • The wearability in the real world
  • How hard was the buffer was when taking off the natural shine of the nail
  • How much the hand needs to be moved to see the nail from every angle
  • How little product is needed in order to create all shapes
  • A continued close up view of sidewalls and cuticle area

I will always attend shows with no nails on for the chance to be a nail model again.

The cherry on the top was that the nail techs who created these masterpieces were non other than Denise Wright and Katie Barns (jaw drop awesomeness). I have respected Denise Wright since my 1st ever nail training course in 2013!!

Today was a wonderful day 🙂

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