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Its all over

My Nails Mastered journey has come to a end.   Ive never been so nervous and excited at the same time.  It was as it I had won an oscar. Being chosen to participate in this course was a big eye opening for me, on a day to day basis I forget that I am a nail artist particiapating in the nail industry and at any moment can be recognised as being a part of it by a wide variety of people I look up to who are doing the same job as me.

Having a legend like Marian Newman viewing, commenting and guiding my work was something very special, it really gave me a tingle of excitement of what my career could be.

Now all these nicely tingle wingle, oh so lovely paragraphs are not the only emotions that went with this course.  If I had any advice for the next round of students its no matter how much time you think you have put aside to do well on this course its not enough you’ll need more!! I unfortunately moved house at the same time as the course kicked off and my creative juices were lost in decorating stress but everything happens for a reason.

There were 2 factors in the course which changed my whole outlook on my career choice.


The feedback received from industry experts was so trueful and brutal that it sometimes made me want to throw my entire nail kit in the wheeley bin and move on!


As the course had so many big names supporting our learning there were lots of opportunities available if we did well….. IF we did well.  Which I did not.

Combining brutal feedback and not winning any of the tasks and seeing how amazing other nail artists were compared to me made it a very tough few months of doubting my skills and my creative abilities.  For a month or 2 after the 1st stage of the course finished I felt that maybe nails is not for me!

When something rocks you to that extent to the core and yet your still hustling everyday doing it tells me im a fighter and I will keep doing this and I will get better and I will build my empire and I will have the career that I want.  As I said earlier everything happens for a reason and im so glad that I didn’t do so well on the course because I have more fire in my belly than I ever had.

So im now building with fresh bricks on my foundation that is solid!  Thank you Nails Mastered and Marian Newman for inspiring me to progress.

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By Rhi Rhi

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