Nailing Mental Health

Nailing Mental Health is awesome!!

Nails and mental health are 2 things that I hold at the highest level of importance in my world and here’s why.

In 2013 I experienced a full mental breakdown.  I lost everything that I was and mentally lived in an extremely dark place.  The problem with living in the dark hole of depression is you can’t come out unless you have a rope.  That can be anything, your family, your best friend or your kids.  Anything!

Mine was nails.

I started to learn nail art and gel polish to keep my mind busy with something positive, using glitter and foils kept me visually stimulated.  The health an safety along with the anatomy of the nail itself kept my brain sharp and engaged.  The motivation to complete courses and gain certificates kept my spirits high from the sense of achievement.  Looking back on that time in life I can see that those early steps were like planting the nail seed and when I acknowledge how far I have come in my nail career I feel like its spring!

So… Nailing Mental Health is an amazing nail technician (Stephanie Staunton’s) way of fund raising and possibly breaking the Guinness World Record to promote awareness of mental health suffering.

The 1st event was held on 2nd April at the O2 Intercontinental Hotel and raised almost 6000 squid! The second epic event will be held at Olympia Beauty on 2nd October with the Guinness World Record attempt and a hope to raise another 5000 squid so that Nailing Mental Health can register as a charity in its own right.

With all this awesomeness happening I pushed aside the very annoying voice in my head which says im not a good nail professional and contacted Stephanie direct requesting to be part of her superwoman nail crew and guess what….. IM IN 🙂

Excited to use my skill for something so important is an understatement.  I will continue my positive nail career and I will also continue my approach to talk about mental health until its as accepted as the most common health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes.  Over the past 4 years the more I have done this the more I have heard …. “Yeah, my son is suffering with depression now”…. “I have terrible anxiety”….. “A few years ago I had a nervous breakdown too”.  The more we openly communicate about mental health the less alone we feel in our darkest days.

No matter the mental state I manage to get myself in, I have experience and facts to prove…. This too, shall pass. 

Wishing every suffer brighter days that outweigh dark days.

By Rhi Rhi

Nails Nails Nails!