Nail Tech’s Success Challenge

When it comes to nails I like to keep an ear to the ground.  I have signed up to every possible newsletter from all industry leaders and continually look for more.  Following / Watching all the trend setters for nail art on Youtube and Instagram.

My thirst for knowledge and information is helpful because I come across some wonderful little gems, like this one…. The Nail Tech’s Success Challenge.

I have been receiving newsletters from Ela Loszcyk for a year or so now and her knowledge is very interesting, she has won numerous competitions and her nail extensions experience is vast.  I love hearing tips, tricks, new techniques, what works and what to stop doing.

Ela Loszczyk created this Challenge to help Nail Techs grow their businesses.  It was a 5 part challenge which was to be completed over a 5 day period with written workbook and online video to accompany the challenge.  In typical Rhiannon style I couldn’t quite do it the way it was suggested so I printed the workbooks and completed them when I had time.  Which was a Wednesday afternoon whilst drinking 4 cups of tea.

These types of exercises are amazing, I love pen to paper work as it really engages my brain to not only read a question, think of the answer, write it down in black and white, which then enables me to take it in and all of a sudden have clarification.  Its a very powerful tool.

A few things stood out to me after this exercise… How far I have come, My achievements so far, My very realistic and reachable future goals, A very clear view of what works for me and what does not, The new goals that I added and didn’t realise I wanted until this challenge and a really positive and healthy list of things to do.

On that positive note, im off to get working on some of those list items.

Thank you Ela for telling me:-


By Rhi Rhi

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