Nail Art Trends – Chroming

Chroming, Ombre, Stamping, Water marblling, just some of the trends of the past 2 years.

The biggest of the year is chroming, its on every youtube channel its on every instagram page and initially I wasn’t a fan, as you can get the look from polishes no?

I did my nail professional duty and bought a few colours to give it a whirl on some nail trend loving clients and I was honestly amazed.  Gawn open, eyes bulging with a smile in the corner of my lips type amazed.

In the pot the product looks like a fine glitter powder that we normally use for making custom blend products with acrylic powders or gels.  After watching numerous tutorials on how to properly apply the powder I tried a few combinations of routes with the products that I have to get the correct look.  The shine and the strange way all the powder grains joins together as if making a sheet of mirror was fascinating and something I personally had never seen before.  Like most techniques practice makes perfect.

Best results came from:-

  1. Usual PEP
  2. Gel base coat
  3. 2 gel colour coats (Which was Black Pool by CND Shellac)
  4. No wipe off gel top coat
  5. Apply the powder in a burnishing technique with an eyeshadow applicator

Repeat last 2 steps if the full chrome effect needed a little booster.

Not all nail art trends are worth the investment but I am a firm believer that this one is something im not only going to enjoy doing but will put a smile on my clients faces which is my main goal.  With that said, im going to hunt down some more effects with holographic being top of my list.

Bring on more chroming….

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By Rhi Rhi

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