Nail Art Trends – Stamping

Stamping is becoming the new go to for all types of nail designs.

Initial thoughts are that skilled nail artist could free hand most of the stamping nail plate designs. The reality is YES you can free hand the patterns which is a more personal, professional, artistic touch but stamping is time efficient, clean, crisp and easy (well if you follow these tips)

Ive watched the videos I’ve read the instructions, I’ve tried it and I’ve learnt its not as easy as it looks but thats nothing new when it comes to nails.  There should be a standard nail technician slogan that says “Its not as easy as it looks”

In order for stamping to work there is technique involved.  What i learnt…..

  1. Clean stamping plate with nail polish remover
  2. Apply a few drops of nail polish to the part of the design you want
  3. Scrape the polish across the design with a card just once is enough, do not scrape over and over in an attempt to get the liquid into the groves
  4. IMMEDIATELY press the stamper down firm and precisely onto the polish covered design
  5. Wait for a few seconds for the polish to get slightly tacky
  6. Press the stamper carrying the design straight onto the nail looking through the stamper to ensure design is placed appropriately

You could now generously top coat your beautiful design for a luxurious glossy look or get wild with it and maybe stamp again over the design with a second colour.  There is a technique of when the design is on the stamper using polish to fill in some of the lines with different colours before applying to the nail.  I have seen this done in on screen but never attempted. The chances are of it looking easy on film but not so much when attempting in real world maybe likely, you have been warned!

Visually stamping is awesome, the detail that you can pick up from one of these plates is just gorgeous.  I will be stamping my own hand again and anyone who else’s who will let me.

Watch out im armed with a stamper!!

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By Rhi Rhi

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