My 1st Bridal Party

2016 has started in 6th gear and im loving it.

I have just performed 5 gel manicures on a bridal party, including the bride, over a two day period and it was a fantastic experience.

When women hear the word bride we tend to assume the world zilla will be at the end.  With a fear of what will they ask, will they be fussy, have they made a decisive decision and various other fearful questions.  Just like lots of my other experiences in life I was lucky.  For the 1st bridal party booking I have ever done it went smoothly and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of humans.

The ladies were lovely, they treated me as if they had known me for years.  We laughed, drank tea, talked and even discovered that its a small world and some of their family know my family.

The hustle and bustle of excitement, with glimpses of centre pieces scattered around the front room in preparation for the weekend.  The family banter of what the men might get up to and what time cars will be arriving was a warm and extremely pleasant experience.

Like all my bookings it came from a referral, I had a short time in between confirming the booking and it being the week of.  I had carried out a gorgeous gel manicure on a new client who was attending a hen party and then said wedding a few weeks after.  Once this lovely lady had flashed her well groomed talons at the hen, they all wanted the same.  I was happy to oblige them.

As I had expected everyone chose subtle shades various nudes with beige undertones or nudes with pink undertones.  The Bride had her ring finger detailed with a gorgeous lace decal which had a beautiful multicoloured glitter outline, extremely delicate taking nothing away from the finger or ring, only to entice the eyes in that direction.

I would 100% love to do more weddings as the years go on and if bridal season was all year I would offer my assistance to every bride in the area.

By Rhi Rhi

Nails Nails Nails!