Instagram Induced Career Envy

Nearly every single day I pick up my phone, open the Instagram app, mindless scroll through a slew of nail posts, freely double tapping on anything my eyes find appealing all the while feeling inferior and depleted.

Attach this behaviour with splash of anxiety, a dash of self doubt and a spray of FOMO then out comes an Instagram Induced Career Envy situation.

Its like looking in a front room window as you walk past… The curiosity of outside looking in gone into overdrive. We all know what happened to the curious cat….. This constant exploration into other peoples lives and careers seems to cause a dissatisfaction of our own.

I genuinely do think Instagram is an amazing place full of beautiful content, allowing people to express themselves visually, which is why I originally chose it as my only social media platform but there is a dark side of:-

What is real now?

Is it a platform to show off how amazing we are from the outside. Is anything as good as it seems on social media?

There are now workshops and seminars and webinars and workbooks for instagram strategies for likes!! And yes, Ive looked them up. I would not look for this information to be used in my personal life BUT in a work capacity, I am under the impression that I need the likes, I need the followers and the right hash tags or has someone I look up to liked my pictures, is it the correct time of day to post. A continuous push to be better in the world of social media.

Why do I compare myself to someone? Are they even doing as well as they portray?

These are the questions I have been asking myself, am I getting left behind in my career, am I standing still, am I as good as these people I look up to, do I put out valuable content, why do I not seem to have amazing opportunities coming my way.

After a long hard talk to myself I remembered:-

  • Stay positive
  • Stay focused
  • Be grateful

The thought of “would the 3 years ago version of myself look at my Instagram account and feel what I feel for my peers”? I think the answer would be yes.

I must continue to remember I’m not like everyone else that’s what it is to be an individual. My journey is different, I can do anything I want and be anything I want.

Ive come to the conclusion the main reason I feel envy is based around fear. Fear controls how my career evolves but fortune favours the bold. You walk forward by putting one foot in front of the other as long as I manage to do a little work on my dream every single day then I will get to my destination and so will you!

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By Rhi Rhi

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