Top Coat

Important Information for anyone starting out.

Its not going to be the usual “important information” like ensure you do a client consultations before treatment or have up to date Public Liability Insurance or even something simple like make sure you are seated correctly when performing a services.  It’s stock up on top coat!!!

Top coats should come with a regular order form attached due to the amount you go through.  I use the full CND Shellac Power Polish system which include base coat, 2 colour coats, top coat and CND UV lamp.  If anyone has attended the training you will be familiar with the science behind the products so you will be aware that the generous coat is your top coat.

Base coat tends to last longer as it is a very thin layer applied to the natural nail to ensure removal process is effective.  Colour polishes last a long time as not every client chooses the same colour.  Top coat on the other hand is thick, luxurious and needs to cover the entire nail like the top slice of bread on a sandwich.

I have also used Essential Nails top coat whether it is matte, gloss or the old style out of a tub brush on.  And even with the difference in brand and application, there is still the same amount of product used which then leads to the constant need to buy another bottle.

After looking for my replacement top coat I came across the 15ml size bottles…. and I feel my prayers have been answered.  Once my 7.5 is finish im coming to get you 15ml 😉

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