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Just like my last post this one relates to the purchase of products (embarrassed face) I promise I don’t have a problem.

The world of nail art can be wonderful, although the main problems when getting to the finished product is mess and minimal time wasted.  Every tool that is available helps us in tiny ways and when you combine all the best tools it makes this miniature art composure stuff a piece of cake.

My 2 anticipated purchases where Mess No More and The Ring Thing both are hugely popular in the nail world, could even say famous and so I just HAD to have them.  Their price matches their celebrity status and as they are from the US shipping was pricey for the ring.  With that in mind both of the items had a very speedy delivery which I was very happy with.

On testing out these items for the 1st time I can honestly say The Ring Thing palette is so perfect that im surprised there are not more of these on the market.  All the sections are just the right size, I have a tendency to waste a lot of product when using a normal sized mixing palette so every little helps when it comes to keeping expenses down.  The Mess No More on the other hand does what it says on the tin i.e. peel off product for around the nail area but it smells VERY strong.  It smells so strong that there is a note on the instruction to ignore the smell as it disappears once the liquid had dried.  Even with this small downside it is a very good product.

I am completely happy with both of my specialist items and I can see that they will become permanent fixture in my kit.

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