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As this is my 1st full year of working inside the beauty industry I did not expect to be invited to the Professional Beauty North as a VIP  but it happened! NSI requested that I attend as one if their VIP’s and I was very grateful.  The first day of the event was my birthday but I booked my travel arrangements to go up to Manchester on the second/last day; the Monday.

Travel from Luton to Manchester was very easy, made a friend once getting to Manchester station, even shared a cab over to the venue.

The buzz and pace of Manchester Central made me smile with the hope that there would be bargains and new equipment or products to be snatched up in a hurry. I attended one of the seminars that was given by a very knowledgable lady named Claire and her Operations Manager for a company called Perfect 10.  It was focused on the mobile beauty industry.  I went with plenty of lined paper and a pen full of ink, which was lucky as they had many interesting points to make when it comes to the finer details of a mobile business.  I have lots to work on.

To my surprise there were nail tool stands on nearly every row which was great for me, I felt that time was getting away from me and could not look properly at all the different types but did manage to find myself 2 very hard to come by cuticle pushers which I had to snap up quickly.  I also found some gold leaf foil which I have been eyeing on the internet for some time and now I have some of that too.  Ready to ace some nail art with that asap.

There was also stages with live demonstrations, I saw a gel V acrylic display by a wonderful nail technician who then went on to win a nail competition which was announced at the end of the day.

One of the strangest parts of the day was when I watched the nail completion winners being announced by Denise Wright.  Denise was one to the trainers on my 1st nail courses for Essential Nails so to see her standing in front of me was very scary.

Roundup of my 1st beauty exhibition, loved it didn’t want it to be over but next time I will bring lots more cash (for quick transaction purposes) with a shopping list just like at the supermarket 😉

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By Rhi Rhi

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