Press On Nails

I have finally made a start on my press on nail design collection.  It has been on my to do this for a long time.

I initially ordered the nails months ago and started to plan which nails I would create for sale.  I was extremely excited about getting the creation process up and running.  Unfortunately life and work progress seems to have gotten in the way :(.

On a more positive note, I started this fun project with the typical french, pink and white style nail.  I changed it slightly by stripping the white tip.  What I love about the pink and white is there are so many styles that are fun an funky so I will make sure the french tip nail collections is extremely varied.  Even after all these years of nail extensions the french manicure look is still extremely popular with all age ranges.

My second set is a more detailed version of a design I had put up as a YouTube Video.  Visually it is so appealing because all animal prints are different it gives your eyes a real variety of “patterns”.

I will be doing one set a week until the gorgeous packaging arrives and then put together a huge launch for all the wonderful designs, so watch out!!

Exciting times ahead.

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By Rhi Rhi

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