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Over the past 3 months I have had multiple encounters with clients who either wanted their extensions removed or had an extension removal and then required a manicure treatment.  When questioning them further with regards to what type of extensions they had on, I was shocked to hear very similar stories.

The lovely ladies visited the common high street nail shops and asked for a “gel nail” or “gel extension”.  They were then given a set of extension which was made from powder and was not cured under a UV light.   At the till they were charged the price of a gel extension which is usually slightly more than the standard acrylic extension.  Without even seeing this treatment happen I can assure you they were not gel nails.

A powder based product is an indicator that you are having an set of acrylic nails.  Acrylic nail extensions consist of placing a mixture of a polymer powder and a liquid monomer on the brush which is applied to the natural nail.  It then hardens on the nail surface without the assistance of any other components such as uv lamp.

Gel nails or gel extensions will be applied with a brush with is dipped into a pot / jar of thick, clear, liquid which is applied to the nails and is then placed under a UV lamp to harden.  When the nails are completed a tacky layer will be wiped from the top leaving a smooth, shiny glass like nail (before colour and nail art).

This information is just a guidance with simple tell tale signs of what type to enhancements you are receiving.  Its your hard earned cash make sure your getting what you paid for ;).


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