OPI Natural Nail Strengthener

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When we see things on the shelves that offer us everything we want from a product we scramble for our purses and hope that the purchase alone will give us the result that was offered.

I have test run a product that is hugely appealing to most women, OPI Natural Nail Strengthener .  Us beautiful ladies love to have many different treatment / services done to our nails but as time goes on our little nails tend to take a beating and we need a little boost.  Products that offer things like strengthening or lengthening are normally top of the list.

In terms of the chemical side of this product it does not contain any of the usual things that will inevitably give you growth or strength.  There is no formaldehyde and no Keratin.  So I was unsure how this product would work…..

I used a 20 year old as my nail tester, we booked in for a weekly manicure with OPI Natural Nail Strengthener  as a base coat then 2 colour coats and to finish a beautiful glossy top coat.  All products were OP.I. and applied as directed.

The main conclusion of the 6 week process was that her nails were longer and stronger BUT it was not an easy road.  The growth and change to the strength of her nails took the full 6 weeks.  There was an area around week 3 to week 4 where 4 of her nails had broken but by week 5 and week 6 they were visibly longer and the natural nail was shiny and smooth.  It had a moist texture with only 1 breakage from the week.

I strongly believe that IF we would have continued with the weekly manicure using this product as the base coat we would have continued to see more growth and strength.  Be patient ladies it does work!!


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