Loosing a toe nail options:-

Trauma/Injury or Fungal Infection

The loss of any nail is upsetting whether its a break to your newly grown natural fingernails, a possible “ping off” of a nail extension or a loss of a nail from the toe, there is always a flood of emotion.  Anger, fear or maybe disappointment but one thing is true all those losses are extremely common.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose a toe nail this information is for you, and if you are lucky enough to not have experienced this please take note of information to help maintain healthy toe nails.

Your 1st step is noticing if your toe nails have changed in any way.  Colouring is the most obviously sign.  Trauma to your toe nail may show in a black/blue/red form and a fungal infection may change the nail to a white/yellow/green look.  Are they painful?  Is the nail still attached but loose?

It is very common to have runners toe which people suffer from when running long distances as your toes are swollen, perspiring and crammed into a tight space.  They will endure pressure on the base from the velocity your feet hit the ground and the tip of the toes from the sheer speed you are travelling.  Our poor tootsies are silently bearing the brunt of our amazing fitness 😉

If you suspect the change is a fungal issue do not contact your nail technician make an appointment at your GP who will advise you as to what treatment will be best to clear up the infection.  If you leave the infection unattended hoping that it will clear up itself by growing out, it will NOT it will continue to effect your nail as it grows!!

When / If your toe nail eventually detaches do not fear, follow your instruction of treatment from your GP and sit back and watch your nail grow.  Toe nails grow extremely slow compared to our fingernails.  Be patient it could take the best part of a year but as long as the nail matrix is not damaged your entire toe nail will grow back strong, smooth and healthy with a wonderful pink nail bed.

Going forward with toe nail health there are simple things we can all do to maintain a nice environment for them to live in.  We must wear clean, thick socks made of natural fibres, shoes with space giving your toes plenty of room, keep toe nails short and cut in a straight line.

I wish you all happy, healthy toe nail journeys in hope that mine grows back as soon as possible.


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