October 2014 to October 2015

One year on and look how far I have come.

The journey to setting out onto the nail roads as I call it, was one that made me feel nervous and excited at the same time.  Going into an industry which I am unfamiliar with other than occasionally being on the receiving end of a treatment left me with only my nail knowledge to work with.

That nail knowledge has taken me a long way.  When I 1st started out I had no clients, my friends would let me practice on their nails and then show them off to anyone who would look.  To get all the way to this year and have regular clients plus new clients coming every month who then become my regular clients, who then direct their friends and family on my direction as well is priceless.  Every client I have at the moment is through referral which I find most humbling, that people like me enough to tell others.

As a round up of the 1st year I have learnt:-

  • This job/life makes me very happy 🙂
  • Spend every penny wisely
  • Social media is an important cog in the promotion of a business and Instagram has looked after me.
  • Training with brand specific products seems expensive but is worth its weight in gold.

With all that in mind whats the plan for year 2 of Rhi Rhi Nails It?

World domination!!!!!

More training, more trade shows, more practicing, more nail competitions, more marketing, more fun, more smiles.  More, more and more.

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