Nail Polish Addiction

Its official im a nail polish addict!!

Fresh from a shopping trip at Salon Services I have returned with 5 OPI Polishes.  So why am I firing up the computer to look for more colours to purchase?  Lucky human beings are blessed with a maximum of 10 finger nails but yet 10 colours in your nail polish collection seems like a poor show.  What is it that makes us want so many different colour nail polishes?

I would hate to think that I am simple enough to be addicted to shiny things…….  But yet something about the word “shiny” rings quite true with me.  The shiny bottles filled with all the colours of the rainbow then you throw in the world of top coat finishes from glittery, shimmery, gloss and the new hot ticket matte!  The competitiveness of wanted to have the complete collection like some form of sticker book from the 90’s. The neatness of the bottle neck with no polish spills.  The fullness of the product inside – unsued.

My imagination running wild about how amazing the nails will look with this colour on, who will see them, the comments received, the experiences, the places, the new people all lead from this amazing nail colour.  The excitement sends positive vibes through my brain which I want to feel more of therefore the only logical answer is to…… buy more nail polishes.

Its official im a nail polish addict!!

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By Rhi Rhi

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