Left Hand Drive

Dare I call something an issue…..

I love both my hands the same but like most humans my left hand tends to betray me when it comes to following the directions my brain gives it.  It has been said that I have the patience of a Saint but it seems this only applies when im using my right hand to paint my left.

When you are a Nail Technician having beautiful nails is the best way to advertise your skills.  I have been known to have very short nails with no polish (which is me downplaying the fact my nails were unkept).  I think that my lack of confidence with my left hand painting did deter me,  I am also a perfectionist and would not want to feel embarrassed when my right hand did not look up to scratch, specially since I use that hand so much.  Like everything in life, even when I feel it is an issue/problem I do it anyway so I booked myself in for weekly manicures mainly gel polish due to the consistent use of acetone and polish remover.

Just as expected the 1st few manicures went to plan when painting with my right and then had a flooding of  the cuticle area when moving on to the left.  Strangely enough my main issue was not to go over the side walls, I was able to paint in straight lines ensuring the sides were acceptable but when near the cuticle area I struggled to keep a strong steady hand to get that perfect curve at the base.

Picture attached was manicure 4 and by the fourth week I had enough weekly practice to get 3 out of the 5 nails to my standard of perfection.  My thumb had a left hand side cuticle flood and middle finger had a right hand side cuticle flood, I have an oddly shaped middle finger due to a strange shaped fountain pen I used to write with as a youngster so I can’t blame my hand completely for that imperfect looking nail.

After these manicures and the progress my lovely left hand has made, one thing is apparent…. Practice will always make perfect and it reinforces the belief that I can do anything 🙂

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By Rhi Rhi

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