I won!!


My favourite and only form of social media… Instagram, has proved to me that it really is the best thing ever!

The Beauty Guild were running a competition on Instagram asking people to enter by liking their picture and then commenting underneath.  The winnings prize was the entire Venice OPI Collection.  The requested comment underneath the picture needed to be your favourite colour from the new collection.

Typical me I chose the nude which was A Great Opera-tunity with a few emojis at the end.  A week later, boom!! The Beauty Guilds has started to follow you then, boom!! There is a message in my direct messages box… You are the winner 🙂

I was excited like a child at christmas waiting to see if Santa got my list and was going to climb down and fill up the space underneath the tree.

The whole process made me extremely happy.  I respect the Guilds highly and OPI is the only nail polish I use on my clients, so the 2 companies combined is a hugely positive collaboration in which I was ecstatic to be a part of.

Plus we all know I have a nail polish addiction so this 12 bottle haul is more than I could dream of.

Thank you to both companies, for making a passionate nail technician smile from ear to ear. xxxx

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By Rhi Rhi

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